Iran. Is the "concern" really coming from Iran's neighbors? or just the US and Israel?

(Trying to find articles from Middle East which substantiate that the Middle East is as hostile towards Iran as the US claims.)

US concerned about Iran's assault boats, drone

(AFP) – 17 hours ago

WASHINGTON — The United States voiced concern Monday over Iran's unveiling of new assault boats and an aerial drone, but said Iran's arms buildup will backfire as its neighbors gang up against it.

Iran began mass-producing two high-speed variants of missile-launching assault boats on Monday, a day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed a home-built bomber drone.

"This is... something that is of concern to us and... concern to Iran's neighbors," State Department spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters.


I truly believe that it is notall ' big talk' from Ahmadinejad.

Iran scientists, engineers are brilliant, smart, beyond what we are told. Note they laugh at our concerns about nukes. Ever wonder why?

That's all the US and Israel talk about.

"Nuclear this and nuclear that"

Seems to me that Iran's lack of concern is because they have something far more devastating and far more deadly than nukes. That they laugh at our antiquated 'nukes' concerns because they are way ahead of us.

Iran is no N. Korea.

Update 2:

I pay very good 'attention'. I don't believe much of what the US feeds us about any situation in the Middle East.

You say what?

"The Pentagon is planning to sell more than 200 Patriot missiles worth some $900 million to Kuwait as part of its long-term effort to build up anti-missile systems in the Persian Gulf.

really? Hummm. sounds good but after al US plans permanent bases in Kuwait, as well as their Huge embassy in Iraq. Other plans will follow of course. The US seeks to defend itself sillybutt. They are not at all concerned about people in a land not their own.

Never have been. Never will be.

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    You need to pay better attention. Kuwait is concerned because Iran attempted to stage a coup and install an Iranian puppet government.

    Oman, Qutar, the UAE etc. are regularly bullied by Iran (that is why they requested tjhat we put military bases in their countries). Saudi Arabia is so concerned about Iran that they went and deployed their own IRBM's.

    Here is an example of just how concerned the Gulf nations are about Iran:

    "The Pentagon is planning to sell more than 200 Patriot missiles worth some $900 million to Kuwait as part of its long-term effort to build up anti-missile systems in the Persian Gulf.

    The initiative is aimed at defending Gulf allies against potential Iranian missile strikes . . ."


    Edit: Ah - now I get it. You have an opinion and simply refuse to believe any information contrary to that opinion.

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    All of the region is concerned. Iran has made no secret that it wishes to create a single pan-islamic state in which it controls. No military in the region can stand up to Iran's save Israel. Once Israel is out of the question, Iran will begin to consolidate the region. That is what they all fear.

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    Their neighbors should be concerned. They may end up being the unintended victims of a failed bombing attempt on Israel. I.E. Iran launches a bomb or their drone and it fails, it may fall out of the sky on the way to Israel. Very likely. Hey, you never know...does anyone trust Iran's technology? They like to talk a big game but I doubt they can back it up, a lot like North Korea.

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    1. Israel.

    2. USA.

    3. Nobody.

    4. Nobody.

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    The Saudis are quite concerned.

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    Iranians are persians, their neighbors Arabs. They did fight a war against Iraq in the 1980's. Arab countries fear them especially the moderate ones who fear sharia law and radical islam. Jordan and Turkey are good examples.

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