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What should i do for SM entertainment, JYP entertainment? and YG entertainment?

I've wanted to audition for Sm entertainment for a while now, but im actually very scared, of the industry. I've heard they train their trainees till they are dead, well. not literally, but close enough. I mean its true that everyone has to be committed, but does that mean we cant take any breaks? and i heard they starve you, so you cant eat or drink anything? do they cover any expenses. And also i'm from canada, I will have to send them an email right? describing how i look, weigh, stuff like that,

But i heard that you should send in a tape showing them what you can do, like dance, singing, acting, stuff like that.

But i would like to do a cover dance of Shinee, ring ding dong, Shinee, is part of their industry, and i'm not very good at freestyling, If i do make the video, would i make a bad impression doing that? or would they NOT even consider me, i think i'm pretty good doing the dance, and i add my own personally in it, so i'm just wondering? And are their 3 rounds?

What happens after i send in my "application form?"

For YG entertainment they do have application forms, do i just write it up, and just send it to them? what happens after that??

For JYP, i just have no idea, the website is blocked from my computer, so im not sure whats going on with that industry, could someone tell me?

OHH,, BTW, yes i am asian LOL. i speak a little chinese, fluent in English, i dance pretty well. singing is okay, but will i get to train there, if they except me?

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    You're asian so that's good.

    Considering you're not korean, you have more chance of SM or JYP. JYP is really foreign friendly.

    Considering you dance well, JYP looks for strong dancers soo JYP!

    Here is my opinion:

    YG: You have to have a super powerful voice. Sadly they don't care much about dancing. Also, you'll have to know the basics of Korean to get in there. You'll have to mail in your audition.

    SM: If you have the looks, you might get in there. But I wouldn't audition. It's horrible there! They beat you if you do something wrong, they have super long contracts and you don't hear much good news about them. You can email, mail or live audition.

    JYP: Go to . You can audition online there. Just make an account and fill in a form! Also I strongly recommend JYP for you! You're good at dancing. You just need a star quality personality and passion !!


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    Yes they are slavery company's but they know how to make idols.


    They won't pick someone that will do that.

    Try to practice free styling. It's good for you.

    It's better if you do it live so they know your not faking it.

    Yes there is three rounds. If you pass the first two your

    practically in.

    They cover all expenses. but im not sure if theyll pay for the ride to korea for the contract

    but after that they pay everything. For sm I know they only pay $30 dollars a week.

    I'm not sure if theres break you always hear the singers say they are busy n stuff. Never heard of a break.

    I'm sure that they wont starve you. But they will overwork you until your close to perfect.

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