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Does paypal only hold onto money for ebay transactions?

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    dude.. paypal is basicly... like a slower version of todays bank account... that requires no identity or ID card... open an account add in a current bank account debit card.. then apply for a paypal "debit card" not the credit card unless you like credit cards... and then you can use the debit card like a normal debit card from a bank... if theres money in your pay pal you can use it from the debit card if the funds arnt in there it will with draw it from your linked bank account... although the funds wont be taken from your account for up to 2-3 business days.. so say you want to buy something today but you don't get paid untill the day after tomorow... use the paypal card... and it will always approve... and then from there deposit your check asap... before the pending balance posts to your account...

    thats one good thing for say paying a really late phone bill about to shut you off... but they wont give you the additional 2 days...

    you can also transfer any funds from paypal into your bank account... but be cautiouse same rules apply... 2-3 business days of waiting... funds can be used for ANYTHING from bills gas... phone bill w.e. you want...

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