I'm really set on trying to learn all the different kinesis' any help?

I've always have had a true fascination for the elements and the supernatural. I've looked through hundreds and thousands of sites with no luck of finding something that seems truly legit. I know this sounds like it is retarded but I've always thought of what if it was possible to learn to do the things they do on the T.V series Avatar : The Last Air Bender? I know it's probably not going to be able to reach that magnitude but I figure that if just the smallest amount is possible maybe I can work my way up slowly to maybe that magnitude. So any help on learning the basics of pyrokinesis, geokinesis, hydrokinesis, and more? Please no smart remarks. I want REAL answers. Thank you.


Okay I researched a little further into the subject. My biggest question What IS meditation? Can someone explain to me? Because when I searched onto YouTube. I found a legit guy, BUT he is extremely hard to understand. And I will start with telekinesis. Thanks for the advice.

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    So you're basically saying that the only answer you want is the one that agrees with you?? Sorry.

    In 1996, stage magician and avowed skeptic James Randi first offered a million dollar payday to anyone capable of demonstrating paranormal phenomena under scientific scrutiny. The million bucks remains unclaimed.

    Currently, claiming the money takes a few steps: An initiate first has to submit a notarized application, agree with the foundation on a test protocol, then pass a preliminary test administered by independent local investigators. Should the would-be psychic pass the first test, under the agreed-upon rules, all that remains is to repeat his or her success in front of Randi -- then, poof, a psychic millionaire is born.

    In 10 years, though, nobody's passed the preliminary exam. The most recent one was administered in Stockholm in October, when Swedish medium Carina Landin tried to identify the gender of the authors of 20 diaries by touching the covers. She got 12 right; 16 was the agreed-upon threshold for success. (The foundation plans to re-administer Landin's test following revelations that several of the diaries were older than stipulated in the protocol.)

    Before that, the last preliminary test was in July 2005, when a Hawaiian psychic named Achau Nguyen traveled to Los Angeles to demonstrate he could mentally transmit his thoughts to a friend in another room. Under the watchful eyes of paranormal investigators, a video camera and a small audience, Nguyen selected 20 index cards from a deck of 30 and focused on the words written on each of them in turn -- while one floor below his "receiver" wrote down the wrong word, 20 out of 20 times.

    These tests, however unsuccessful, represent the cream of the crop for the Million Dollar Challenge -- polite, sincere applicants able to agree to a reasonable testing protocol. The vast majority of the people applying for the money don't get that far.

    So here's the thing..... despite every tv show you've ever seen, despite every movie you've gone to or book that you've read, not a single instance of paranormal abilities has EVER been scientifically proven. There are no classes in telekenetics at the college. You can't learn pyrotics or far viewing anywhere, because they don't exist.

    You blandly assume these powers do in fact exist, but all the facts say you are wrong. You've looked through thousands of sites and haven't found anything to back up your belief. Why not? Perhaps most of those thousands of websites are in fact correct. You can't ever be an Airbender. Or a Scanner. Or even Miss Cleo (she was also a fake)

    I'm a proven non-psychic. This is a REAL answer, whether you accept it or not.

  • eri
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    Here's the most real answer you'll get: it's all fiction. It's not real. None of that stuff is actually possible. No one has ever been able to show they can do it, and there are millions of dollars in prize money for anyone who could. If anyone could do that, it would be easy to prove. Sorry, you're wasting your time. Try learning the guitar instead - that's something you can teach yourself, and it impresses girls.

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    Start with Telekinesis. It is safer than the others you mentioned. (Starting a fire by mistake is not a good idea)

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    Never was,never will be.

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