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where is the compensation?

a young girl aged 12 years at the time was raped in 2004. the man in question pleaded guilty and served time in prison. the courts awarded compensation to be put into a trust until the girl was of age to receive the money. however it appears the court have no trace of the case existing. how can this be followed up and traced? surely there has to be a case number to prove this incident took place. can somebody please offer any suggestions how to go about this please. thank you.

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    Get an attorney. Assuming that you know the man's name, the Court's orders can be traced back from his incarceration records.

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    Hi there

    Here in the UK a social worker would have been appointed to safeguard the best interests of the minor.

    You can contact your Social Services Office and request sight of your file which will have all the relevant details.

    I hope this helps. Good luck and best wishes.

    Source(s): Professional experience.
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