Going on a date tonight and I need ideas for what to do with my hair?

About my hair:

- Long

- Medium-thick

- Straight

- Growing out bangs, they're past my cheekbones and I normally part them down the middle.

About the date:

- Outside

- It could rain and might be a bit windy

- There's going to be fireworks (not sure if that's even relevant haha).

Anyways; I'm just looking for something fun and cute or sexy. Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    you could take your bangs, bump them a little, clip it back and leave yoru hair down or just pull the rest into a ponytail:


    this is the only pic i could find. except the ponytail part would be straight too. jlo and beyonce do it a lot. it's cute, trust me(: or you could curl your hair and bangs like so:


    or, MY FAVORITE(: do both!


  • 4 years ago

    i'm looking up some web content, yet that can assist you you extra advantageous i ought to be attentive to in the experience that your hair is short medium or long. additionally, what shape is your face? only FYI the curly look is sexier. And it wont look so undesirable in case you have a sturdy date and mess it up.

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