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EASY 10 POINTS! Blackheads!?

So I am SUPER frustrated with my blackheads on my nose- they're not HUGE, but there is a bajillion! or so it appears to me.. What do I do? Do you have any suggestions- please don't say SkinID, or Boire strips, - i've been using a skin thing called uhm.. well it's sometihng 360, for sensitive skin- please help :( !

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    Blackheads are more prominent on oily skin and even those with a T like combination skin, who have an oily nose and forehead part, see blackheads form. Add to the already oily condition, the rising levels of pollution, and you had it! However, those with dry skin too suffer from blackheads, as their dead skin cells accumulate faster.

    Here are some tips which you can try at home:

    • One of the very well known and popular ways of removing blackheads is to take hot water steam, as steam opens the blocked pores. After you have taken steam, normally you can rub the area with a rough towel vigorously. Then you can get your blackheads tweezed by the lady in the parlour or somebody else but yourself at home. A plucker is a small, metal, circular instrument that is centered on the blackhead and pushes down the surrounding skin, causing the punk to extrude. Make sure, you do it immediately after you have taken enough steam to make the area soft and don’t tweeze too much, as it may cause redness and pain.

    • Take a little of sandalwood and a pinch of turmeric, and make a paste adding milk. Apply this paste on the affected area and rinse off, after it dries. This is the age-old haldi chandan recipe for blackheads.

    • Also, a scrub made with lemon and honey taken in equal quantities, and massaged on the affected area for about 5 to 10 minutes will show results.

    • Application of honey on the affected area, as a pack, would be beneficial. After it dries, wash face with water. This will lighten the affected area and the impact of blackheads will reduce. It will also make the area more soft and supple.

    • Any scrub can work well to remove blackheads if massaged correctly and for about ten minutes. For example, an oatmeal or almond scrub can work well in cleansing blackheads. Also, Fuller’s earth (multani mitti) available easily in India is also effective in removal of blackheads.

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    Heat a clean wash cloth very warm with hot water and put it across your face to help the pores open. Then scrub with a fine facial brush and a good oil cleaning soap that lathers well. It should help though you may need to do it couple of times a day for a while to keep them clear, and it may take a while to get them all.. Splash your face with cold water when you finish, to help close the pores. Try very hard to not stress. Stress and hormones are not a good mix.

    Source(s): A very old lady that had a Lux soap routine when I was 14 I never had a blemish until I was thirty.
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