what insect did I just find in my basement?

I was just bringing some clean laundry up from the basement and walked past this bug sitting on some clean kids laundry waiting for my at the bottom of the stairs. It resembles the body shape of a goliath beetle, is a light silvery grey all over, body and legs, measured less than 1" and had a dusty or powdery underside which I found out once I found something to squish the little bugger. It had a very hard shell, I squished it a couple times to make sure I had done enough damage to kill it, but it took more than I expected.

This is the 1st time I've seen this bug ever, as far as I remember. And I'd just like to know if I should be concerned about finding one in my house and if I should do anything to prevent anymore coming in. And above all, what it was.


nope, this one was all silvery light grey nose to bum, back to toe. It had a somewhat spade shape thorax with the point at the but end.

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    i'm down here in indiana and we mostly have the same bugs

    did it look sorta like this


    boy that is a long one

    called a click beetle - tough buggers - have to stomp them twice with a booted foot

    Gentle Giant

    Gentle Giant

    This Gentle Giant was found crawling in the grass. My husband let him crawl on his hand (as you can see from the photo). It's very big, about 2.5 to 3 inches long and approx. 1.5 to 2 inches wide. I live in Ottawa, Ontario. I'm not sure what kind of bug this is, I'm guessing it's some type of beetle. Just wondering if it's a bad bug or a beneficial bug to have around? I have a vegetable garden near by. Your help with its identification would be greatly appreciated. Many Thanks, Pam

    found this entry on this site - it said canada so maybe


    i don't think i would worry to much about it until i found about one a day - then i would be calling an exterminator

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