Question about Vista Operating/Recovery Disk?

Alright, so I used DBAN on my PC this past weekend. It completely wiped the hard drive clean. Before, I was on a Vista Home Premium operating system..but during the wipe, all that got deleted. So if I wanted to reinstall vista, what would I need? Would I need the recovery disks? Because I can't find them.

Where can I get the vista opereating system on a disk? can I download it or do I need to buy it somewhere? Thanks.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Firstly, you'll either need the recovery disks that came with your PC, or a an OS disk all by itself. Another option is that some pc manufacturers had a special recovery partition on the hard drive that you can boot off of, and reinstall the os. More information about what PC you have might help people help you better.

    Also, it never hurts to call the manufacturer and ask for recovery disks.

    @Stevens The recovery disk (or partition) has a the factory loaded operating system that you can restore to, essentially getting you back the OS that the pc came with. I do agree on the windows 7 part, but if the OP was happy with Vista, I wouldn't ask him to spend money on new OS, unless of course he was going to buy a new OS disk anyway.

  • 1 decade ago

    You need to buy vista from the shops, the recovery discs are used just to restore lost files, but i don't think it will give u vista back, but if i was you i would buy windows se7en instead of vista, se7en is a lot better, vista is full of mistakes and it was rushed out by windows, se7en kicks it *** basically, windows se7en is about £125.00 from argos, pc world Etc.

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