should i do full ib or partial ib?

i'm currently signed up for partial ib and there is a week til school starts (meaning, a week til i can change it). i'm mainly taking full but without the french and tok. i'm taking english, physics, chem, bio, eco, history, gym (required), and math. if i sign up for full ib (and take the french and tok) i would have a full schedule (no spares) plus there would be CAS and EE. i don't really think i want to deal with that but everyone has been telling me over and over "you know you can't go back to full ib right?" and its making me doubt my decision. plus, all my friends are doing full ib. shoudl i do full or parital ib?

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  • 10 years ago
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    well listen i did full IB and i am a full time professional swimmer ! i did my full IB in french ! it was pretty cool, not hard! so y take half wen u can be a full IB student !!! + CAS is sooooooooo easy !!!! all u have to do is play around basically !!!! creativity action nd service, seriously? its easy !!!!

    BUT if you dont think you WANT to do full IB, then dont let any1 influence ur decision, do wat YOU think is best !!! wat will help your future ! and good luck :)! IB is one experience i would never replace or regret !

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  • 10 years ago

    Not because your friends are doing full IB, but because partial IB has little meaning at the end, i suggest you to pursue full IB.

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  • mackie
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    4 years ago

    the factor is to no longer get college credit, this is not college point paintings - the factor is to coach your self for college instructions. undemanding extreme college instructions leave one so far at the back of the curve that they gained't be waiting to take care of college point course paintings.

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