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Which team in each conference (AFC & NFC) will be the BIGGEST dissapointment this season?

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    AFC: New York Jets

    There hype is huge, they are most talked about team this year and are predicted to win the superbowl by many except for the guys who actually know about football like the espn and nfl writers. They still have a good chance at being a playoff team, probably around 10-6. But a superbowl team almost always has a top 10 qb, usually top 5. Sanchez is a mediocre quarterback and I cannot see him leading a team to the superbowl. Things look even worse because they don't have Revis, Rex sais they do not need him but believe you me there defensive back core goes from best in the buisness to average.

    Predicted Record:12-4 - 14-2

    Actual Record: 8-8 - 10-6

    NFC: Minnesota Vikings

    They will still be a great team but will suffer early on. Favre basically has lost all his weapon with Rice definatley out half the season and Harvin struggling with migraines it doesn't look good. We saw Favre throwing helplessly during preseason without his familiar targets and teams are going to take advantage of this and pick a part this offense. They will probably start season 4-4 and won't be winning the superbowl. Other teams in this conference have all the necessary pieces to beat this team, Saints, Cowboys and Packers will all probably beat the Vikings.

    Predicted Record:12-4 - 13-3

    Actual Record:9-7 - 11-5

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    Like someone already said, it depends on how you'd define disappointment.

    If you're talking about who will have the worst records, then it'll probably be the Bills in the AFC and the Rams will easily have the worst in the NFC.

    If you're talking about who will have the biggest disappointment in relation to their expectations, then I'd say the Jets for the AFC. They're not nearly as good as they're cracked up to be, especially on offense. The only reason people are even expecting big things out of them is because they got a fluke playoff berth last year by playing two teams that were already locked in. The Jets sure as hell won't be winning their division and I highly doubt they'll luck out with their schedule again.

    The NFC is a little tougher, but I'm going to go with the Eagles. I do like the Eagles, and they are a solid team -- don't get me wrong -- but there's no chance they're even going 11-5 again, let alone dethroning Dallas as division champs like a lot of their fans are expecting them to. I don't even see them making the playoffs.

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    Bengals and Vikings will dissapoint people this year. I see the Bengals going 8-8 and Minnesota going 9-7. Both are projected to do better.

    The worst teams will be Rams in the NFC and Bills in the AFC.

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    I'm gonna go with the Bengals. They made the playoffs, but bombed when they got there. TO has been an addition to many teams who have never won the Super Bowl...why change now?


    Dallas is the easy pick here. Jerry wants a home town Super Bowl so bad. Dallas chokes when it matters. Romo is not a big time QB. I admit...he has been a great player, considering he was never drafted, but there is a reason he wasn't drafted.

    to Greg:

    Are 10-6 and 11-5 really disappointments?

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    AFC Ravens

    NFC Redskins

    Some Injuries and Insults brings down a Team Ravens have the Injuries and the Redskins have the Insults their Weaknesses will show

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    Cowboys for NFC because the are so overrated, along with that whole division, and Tony Romo is the most overrated QB in the league.

    Jets because of all the hype Rex puts on and Revis probably will miss a few games

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    East- Jets

    North- Bengals

    South- Colts

    West- Chargers


    East- Cowboys

    North- Packers

    South- Saints

    West- 49ers

    Raiders biggest dissappointment. won't even win 2 games.

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    NFC--The Cowboys. People are delusional if they think they're going to host the Superbowl. lmao--They won't even win the division and might not even make the playoffs.

    AFC--Texans--Nothing short of a playoff appearance will be a disappointment. I don't see them making it again this year.

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    It depends on what you mean by "disappointment".

    The two teams with the worst records?

    The Bills and Rams.

    The two teams with the biggest "dissapointment" compared to their expectations?

    Steelers and Cardinals.

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    The New Jersey Giants and New Jersey J-E-T-S.

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