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Just a quick question as I was asked this personally and I was not sure of an answer. If you live in another country but are not a citizen should a person put there nationality on it? I am wondering because if your in that country and not a citizen are you not regarded as a minority then? This question has me thinking for days, anyone know?!?

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    I'm a little loss at the situation but will still try to answer. First of all, I don't know what country you are in, so the answer may not be relevant to you. In the US, you are a minority if your race belongs to a non-white group; it has nothing to do with where you are from. However, we should not know your nationality or race. We want to know if you can work in our country. If you are from another country and can work in the country you are looking for work but are worried that the employer may wonder, then you can put something on your resume like "Able to work in _______________ (name of country you are applying in)"

    It might help to tell us: I am from France, but now I'm looking for work in England. Should I write that I am from France?

    Source(s): Almost 20 years as a recruiter.
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    They will find out anyway as you usually need a permit to work and to provide your passport to say you are entitled to work in that country, at least that's how it works in the UK

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