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How to dress appropriately for work without breaking the bank?

I work as a receptionist or front desk agent on the night shift at a large conference center. Our dress code consists of black pants or skirt, black blazer (Mandatory) and white top.

I started to work there in May, and as soon as I was hired, I went to buy my clothes. My white tops at the time fit very well and were completely appropriate for the job. I wear white tank tops under my blazer because I tend to get hot quite easily and become sweaty (even if I do wear a deodorant AND an anti-persperant every day). Since I have been hired though, I gained about 15 to 20 pounds. My blazer is tight and my white tops are now more revealing then acceptable. Its embarrassing and frustrating. I have received a warning from my manager saying there were complaints about it. She told me that I now have to wear a collared shirt to work, which makes sense, of course.

I work a minimum wage job and on average I only really get about 3 shifts per week. I commute to university (one hour car ride just to get there) twice a week, and I live on my own. So the budget is very tight... I'm actually in the negative most months.

The tops I bought for work were about 5$ each when I got them... they are cotton and breath very well.

On the other hand, collared shirts are minimum 20$ each in all the stores I looked. And no size seems to fit my bust line correctly. They are tight at the bustline and the arms and very big everywhere else. I feel like a stuffed sausage in those things! Why are the sleeves so tight??

Anyways, If anyone has any fashion advice or suggestions, possible not too costly so I don't break the bank over it.

(And yes, I have been going to the gym and I'm working on it..., but I need to remedy to the clothes thing immediately)

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    Check out some thrift/secondhand stores. I know you might think it's gross or whatever but you might be able to find some decent shirts and after a wash or two it will be fine to wear! If you don't want to do that then you'll just have to deal with spending the money on new things.

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    for looking some great classic products,it fairly is worth taking the time to dig around in thrift shops. Consignment shops even tend to hold classic too,so it fairly is worth taking a glance there. now and back whilst a shop surprisingly says it fairly is a classic clothing shop,you are going to pay an arm & a leg,& regularly cases you will see stuff which you will've stumbled on at a thrift shop for way much less.i are becoming some classic products at thrift shops that i'm getting compliments on each and every time I placed on them. and you'd be able to surprisingly locate great stuff in case you bypass to thrift shops in fairly extreme high quality neighborhoods-you would be surprised on the belongings you will locate!

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    go to the salvation army or to the second hand store

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    ross is a good place

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    go to goodwill

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