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Construction cost in chennai?

I am planning to build a house in the sub-urban area of Chennai(near Puzhal) about 1000sf area (GF 700sq.ft + 1F 300sq.ft). What is the prevailing construction cost in Chennai?.

Whether the rates indicated by builders normally include the borewell, sump, staircase, OH Tank, compound wall, modular kitchen.?

Whether the construction cost for first floor, is normally less than Ground Floor?

What is the average cost of a budget modular kitchen for a 100sq.ft kitchen.

What are the items that should be negotiated with the builder before commencement of construction.

Is the staircase left open, costs the same as the roofed staircase? How the rates of staircase is arrived? Whether the area in the GF and 1F both is taken into account or simply the GF occupying area?

I think I had asked too many questions. But I am in need of it and no other way.

Advance thanks to all of you for the answers.

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    Hi Senthil,

    There are builders who offer construction services from 700 to 1300 Rs per sq.ft. You need to negotiate well with the builder. Look for the reputation and the inclusions and exclusions. I think with twelve lakhs you should be able to construct your dream home. Invite us for your house warming function...



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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    hi all,

    i am an NRI i have constructed a house in one ground in Tambaram, the builder was very good he got the plan approval in 1 month and eb connection every thing. he charged me 1450 per sqft including sump and overhead tank and no extra charges.he will send me Progress Photos.My house has *** so good.

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Better you approach the people whom you know who have constructed the House/flat recently with professional builders and get a quotation from them and then move into market and compare it.



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  • Saral
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    10 years ago

    All things included except modular kitchen it is not more than Rs 700/sq. ft. if you are supervising on your own.

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