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So what is wrong with the Bombers?

I was watching the pre-game to yesterdays match and the panel on TSN mentioned something surprising to me. There are three QBs in the league that have a QB rating over 100, and two of them play for the Bombers (Pierce and Jyles) while the other is Calvillo. Given that the CFL is an offensive league, I would think that a great QB would be able to guide a team to victory, or at least a winning record, but the Bombers are 2-7. How can this be? What is wrong with the Bombers?


Oh and this isn't a shot at the Bombers, I think they have a great team, talent wise I would put them 2nd in the East, not dead last.

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    Jyles inexperience really hurt us early. A couple of games came down to the last drive and there were rookie errors made. Our special teams was terrible at the beginning of the year and that hurt us. Mostly, it's our turnovers and penalties.

    We're also a big play team. Which is exciting but being able to "nickel and dime" your way into the red zone is what makes Calvillo so successful. So if our big plays fail, which has happened the last few weeks, then we're stuck.

    Defensively we've been competent but our secondary is terrible. The last game was the first time I've seen Suber make plays and one of them was on special teams. Hefney just got cut by the Lions so if he finds his way back to Winnipeg he will be a major upgrade to our secondary.

    Also, we can't discount our field goal kicking. It hasn't been great and while not entirely responsible for the losses. Missing points can hurt a teams psyche.

    Overall, our problems are with qb/wr consistency and our secondary. I'd love to see just one 10 play drive for a touchdown. We either have a 3 play touchdown, a 5 play field goal attempt or a 2 and out. We need longer drives to keep the other defence on the field. The 2 and outs have hurt us because we end up losing the field position battle.

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    They make too many mistakes at key times

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