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what is the difference between toffee mocha and toffe mocha latte at starbucks?

i saw the two on the starbucks' menu recently,

but i have no idea how different they are..

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  • 10 years ago
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    There is no difference. They are the same drink.

    Source(s): Former Starbucks barista
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  • 3 years ago

    what's the difference beween a mocha and a latte? large question. i'm going to additionally permit you comprehend concerning the various different sorts of coffee whilst i'm at it! it's always revealed in extremely tiny print on the menu board, and defined in a mysterious pamphlet, however the gist of it extremely is that this: A latte is an coffee shot or 2 (in keeping with length), steamed milk, and a sprint foamed milk on suitable. A cappuccino is the comparable, yet with lots of froth. (Starbucks standards decree 0.5 milk, 0.5 foam; I often make it extremely 'wetter,' as a results of fact human beings get aggravated while the cup feels too gentle.) A mocha is a latte with chocolate. A caramel macchiato is largely a vanilla latte with the photos dropped in after the milk (somewhat of in the past it like the different beverages) and caramel sauce drizzled on suitable. An coffee macchiato is coffee in foam, and merely foam. No milk. A caffe Americano is coffee blended with warm water to dilute it to concerning the ability of widespread coffee. And a shot of coffee is a sprint under an oz.. If it is all puzzling, do no longer subject approximately it -- merely ask the effectual man or woman in the back of the sign in, and she or he will clarify.

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