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homemade girls mad hatter costume?

for halloween i was thinking of being the mad hatter from alice in wonderland. the problem is, alot of the costumes are really expensive. i want to try and make my own but i need some help. do u guys have any ideas of what to wear and stuff or where i can buy what i need? i dont wanna spend too much money but spending some is ok. if u have pictures please post links to the too. thanks:)

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    i was planning on doing that too. so i found a top hat at home, wrote 10/6 on a sticky note and stuck it on :) and im gonna wear a black cardigan.. my only problem is that i need to go buy some pink and black striped knee socks and maybe a pink satin ribbon for the hat.. im still thinking about what to wear under the cardigan.. so yeah i hope that helps you get started :)

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