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If you got to replace Vince Russo on TNA, what would you do + WQ?

WQ: If WCW and ECW never went bankrupt, where would they be now?

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    I would continue to push Fourtune..since AJ is TV Champ...Matt Morgan would be pushed as a heavyweight champion contender.

    I would push Sarita strong to become new Knockout Champion. I would make Angelina Love and Velvet feud with Taylor and Hamada for KO Tag Titles.

    As for X Division...Doug Williams will feud with Amazing Red.

    Tag Titles Motor City MachineGuns would feud with Generation Me

    Samoa Joe would be permanently relevant...wont give him dumb storylines(nation of violence/kidnap)

    Sting would still be in TNA..and occasionally wrestle..Kevin Nash wouldnt, Jeff Jarrett wouldnt..EV2.0 would stay around for a little while longer...would keep Dreamer Raven Stevie Richardsa and Rhyno..the rest would have to go.

    Kurt Angle would be pushed hard as would the Pope.

    Mr. Anderson would feud with AJ for the TV title.

    Abyss will stay the same..strong main eventer and continue this "they" storyline.

    Thats virtually all that needs to be long as everybody stays relevant...keep Bischoff put him in a commish type role. Get rid of Hogan...

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    Fortune breaking up with Ric Flair retiring & gone from TNA, AJ Styles turning face to team with Samoa Joe, Matt Morgan alligns with London Brawling, Kazarian & Beer Money Inc heading back to their respective divisions and Doug Willams jobbing every match leading up to Williams' departure from TNA.

    Kurt Angle Winning the TNA World Championship at Bound For Glory

    Tara win the Knockouts championship. then Lacey Von Erich will win it from Tara with a assist from Angelina and Velvet

    Angelina Love and Velvet Sky becoming Knockouts Tag Team Champions in a Fatal 4 way

    Mr Anderson winning the TNA Televison Champion after Matt Morgan accidently costs AJ Styles the match.

    WQ: they still be active wrestling companies if WWE doesn't go PG.

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    If I got to replace Vince Russo, I'd probably trade him for a rising star from UFC like Antonio Noguiera.

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    nope, it won't paintings. TNA might nonetheless have the comparable element that it has now. yet no one that's familiar with wrestling to boot the WWE or TNA might comprehend Ring of Honor. why, as a results of fact ROH does not have a cable community television domicile like the WWE or TNA has. so they count on domicile shows and PPVs to make their money. in the event that they have been given a coach on a cable community, they might prevail.

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  • TNA World Heavyweight champion-Kurt Angle

    TNA World tag team champions-Samoa Joe and (face)AJ Styles

    TNA TV champion-Matt Morgan

    X-Division champion-Jeff Hardy

    Knockouts champion-Angelina Love(Group with Velvet and Lacey)

    Knockouts tag team champions-Velvet Sky and Lacey Von Erich(Group with Angelina)

  • Paul Heymen

    WQ: I think Wrestling would be very hot if they never went bankrupt and WWE wouldn't be PG.

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    Paul Heyman

    WQ: The war between ratings would still be going on. WWE would pull out all the stops like they use to do, to get the better ratings.

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