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Can you help me out i just can't seem get any where in life?

I have no friends no girls not nothing No one ever wants to hang out with me or even talk to me. Let me tell you a bit about my self. My name is Michale I am 18 years old and originally form Peru but am and have been living in New Jersey for the last 14 years. I have a small penis. I enjoy watching and try some self thought mixed arts. I can play the saxophone but only a bit. I am a fan of South Park and Every One Loves Raymond. Some of my favorite musician are Frank Sinatra, Erick Caplen, Xibit and i am all so a fan of Poison. Movies i like are Mission Impossible, Toy Story, Cloverfield and REC. I am about 5 foot 9 with tims on and about 140 pounds...whats wrong with me?

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    we all have moments like this. I am a girl and I m 16. I am not sociable too, but I try to speak to others and I try to understand them. But I feel confortable when I don t speak. I am shy, I know that and I try to hide that.

    "You are shy"- It is the worst phrase that a person can say to me. But there are some things that help me to overpass this:

    1) When I was little, I was shy and ugly. (I used to think that I was ugly), but now that I m groing up I' ve noticed that I have a nice face and a beautiful body. It became easier for me to make friends, especialy boys. They speak to me first and want to be friends with me and when I don't stay with them or I don t speak to them bec of being shy, they think that I m not interested in them.

    So you have to try to be goodlooking. Your penis is not important, try to get a good haircut and maybe you can go to the gym to keep your body fit.

    2) One time, when I was staying with a boy I noticed that he was shy

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    Pretty much the comment about your privates, likely, sums up your problem. You need to work on your self esteem and put yourself out there. Not to far from your age I was much like you until I decided to change. I start being more active in school activities, joined clubs and grange and before you knew it I had more self esteem, friends and girls. The only thing I really changed was my attitude. The rest followed. It was a bit scary at first but later became natural. Good luck!

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    Read how to win friends and influence people and anything by Anthony Robbins. That will change your life.

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    maybe its you who has to adjust to be better in someone else's view not just nice in your view

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