I need help for college and ideas for pediatrician?

I changed my course of career seeing as I love kids and love helping people and I'm great with others. The thing is I have no clue which college to start with. I can't find anywhere close by where I live which is in KY. I know I won't find any good colleges in this state but all I really care about is it being close seeing as I'm only 17 and out of high school. (GED) I'm would love this course of career for one as I said above I'm great with people and kids. And two I want to give myself and my fiance a good life a better one. Since she has lived in a trailer for her whole life practically. So I wanted to know if there is any good colleges near KY I can ask for info from for pediatric classes. Thanks in advance everyone.

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    You can start at any 4-year college or university. Major in anything and take the premed classes in bio, chem, physics, math, and English. Keep your college GPA well over 3.5 and do very well on the MCATs to have a shot at med school. Med school is another 4 years followed by 3+ years of residency.

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    the University of Kentucky (lexington) is a great school. Becoming a pediatrician is going to take about 12 years.

    You will need to go to college for four years and earn your Bachelor degree. Medicine is not a major. You will need to pick a major and do the pre med program at college. Then take the MCAT exam and apply to med schools. It is a long hard road. And if you don't have the GPA from undergrad school or don't have the money for med school, you better have a plan B

    I don't why you think the entire state of KY doesn't have any good colleges. Especially since you didn't do any research

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    There are a number of good colleges in Kentucky including U. Kentucky, U. Louisville, Centre College, and Berea College. Also worthy of consideration are Austin Peay, Campbellsville, Eastern Kentucky and Murray State. Georgetown, Morehead State, Thomas More and Transylvania may be easier to get into with a GED rather than a H.S. diploma.

    You will have to go to college for about four years taking premedical coursework before you can go to medical school. You will have to go to medical school for four years before you can start a pediatric residency.

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    Have you got your MD? You need that before you can become a paediatrician. And liking kids is not important, science is important.

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