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Please rate my six samurai deck?

I wanna know how well my six samurai deck is because i keep losing in tournaments and im thinking to give up my deck for a macro deck so plzz tell me how well my deck is built!! also please only give me answers that will actually help me i dont want stupid answers plzz


3x zangi

1x kamon

2x yaichi

2x irou

3x grandmaster

2x great shogen shien

1x enishi

2x spirit of the 6 samurai

1x hand of the six samurai

2x flamvell magician

1x nitro synchron


1x sword of revealing light


2x warrior returning alive

1x giant trunade

1x monster reborn

1x lightning vortex

1x MST

2x six samurai united

3x gateway of the six


1x mirror force

1x torriential tribute

3x sakuretsu armour

2x bottomless trap hole

1x call of the haunted

1x scrap iron scarecrow

1x magical cynlinder(maybe side deck)

1x wabaku

1x DNA transplant(maybe side deck)

2x Swiftstrike armour

Syncrho monsters(4)

1x colossal fighter

1x ally of justice catastor

1x stardust dragon

1x goyo gaurdian

total cards without syncrho's(47)

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  • Sam
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    10 years ago
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    Here's the reason your Deck can't beat a Macro Deck: Too much Dead Draw stuff, stuff that's just there to go "LOL YOU CAN'T USE ME HAHA XD"

    -1 Kamon

    +1 Irou

    Irou is one of the best three Six Samurais, you need to max him out.

    -2 Great Shogun

    +2 Book of Moon

    Standard staple, really disrupts everyone's plays.

    -2 Flamvell Magician

    +2 Solidarity

    Six Samurai's are all Warriors, Solidarity is a must.

    -1 Nitro Synchron

    -1 Swords of Revealing Light

    +2 Smashing Ground

    Doesn't target stuff, really easy Monster removal.

    -2 Warrior Returning

    +1 Mystical Space Typhoon

    Two MST? Take another Warrior Returning to make your Deck have less Cards

    -3 Sakuretsu

    +1 Starlight Road

    +2 Dimensional Prison

    Since Six Sams don't have a lot of Defence, Starlight's against Dark Hole, D-Prison is a staple

    -1 Magic Cylinder

    +1 Dark Hole

    Staple, why not?

    -2 Swiftstrike

    -1 DNA Transplant

    -1 Scrap Iron

    -1 Enishi

    Your new total is 41 Cards. DO NOT HAVE EXTRA DECK CARDS. Starlight Road can negate stuff and NOT summon Stardust, which would mess up your Solidarity.

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  • 10 years ago

    47 cards!?!?!!? WTF??

    -1 Enishi

    -2 Flamvell Magician

    -1 Nitro Synchron

    -2 Warrior Returning Alive

    -3 Sakuretsu Armor

    -1 Scrap Iron Scarecrow

    -1 Call of The Haunted

    -1 Magical Cylinder

    -1 Waboku

    -1 DNA transplant

    -2 Swiftstrike Armor

    -1 Lightning Vortex

    -1 Kamon(side)

    +2 Hand of the Six

    +1 MST

    +1 Six Samurai United

    +2 Threatening Roar

    +1 Irou

    +2 Nisashi

    +2 Solidarity

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  • 4 years ago

    6 years of experience for nothing...... You can't do that loop you said with the Grandmaster,since it's clearly written in the card: When this card is destroyed by your opponent's card effect. The Grandmaster is destroyed because of Shi En's effect,which Shi En is your own monster.Max "C" is awesome for any deck building........Warrior Returning Alive is good and you can do nice combos,but it doesn't play that much on the newest formats.More than 1 Dojo is used to play in the past,you 'll be dead if you run 2 or 3 Dojos.Every Six Sam deck runs 3 Uniteds,without 3 Uniteds you don't even run a Six Sam deck. You are a noob if you don't know these basics,and you run and a Six Sam deck too.If you are a true expert of the Six Sam's then you would know that this deck is almost the same Six Sam deck that won 3 ycs events.

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  • 10 years ago

    oh god. this deck...

    ok ive used six samurai for +2 years

    so here we go

    use STRICTLY 40 cards. it totaly defeats the purpose if you use use 2 six samurai united and 47

    first of all. the build is horrible i dont mean to diss. ive done a lot of six samurai stuff.

    concact my youtube. animefreak619240 if you need more info

    -1 waboku (you'll get raped by glad beasts if you use this. put a threatening roar or nothing at all)

    out 2 swiftstrike armour (ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE dead draw and wont win you tournaments)

    -1 DNA transplant (you never want to run this. not even side deck)

    -1 call of haunted (wayyyyy to slow. monster reborn is ehough.)

    -2 warrior returning alive (you dont even need them. you can use them with grandmaster for synchros but youre runnign 2 lvl 4's and a lvl 2. not much use cuz grandmaster cant sync with lvl 4's. dont even put any in.)

    -1 scrap iron scarecrow (you can use much better traps other than this one i'll talk about that later.)

    -3 sakaretsu armour (believe it or not, trap holes and compulsory evacuation device is god. )

    +1 torrential tribute (staple card)

    +1 MST (you NEEEEEEEED 2 MST. its a staple for six samurai. tell me what is a six samurai's weakness. generally not high attack monsters because your good trap lineup takes care of that. the six samurai's only weakness is traps such as trap hole. imagine not being able to swarm because you got murdered by a mear trap hole D: also six samurai's weakness are continous traps such as gozen match aka need more MST.)

    -1 Nitro synchron (do not run this. nitro warrior doesnt help much. id rather use plaguespreader zombie, krebons, or even gale the whirlwind.)

    2 hand of the six samurai is a six samurai staple. strive to get a 2nd one.

    alright. heres a line up.

    you do not have dark hole you need one

    you also need to add torrential (mentioned up there)

    tech 1 dust tornado you'll need it

    i suggest 2 trap hole 1 compulsary or 2 compulary and 1 trap hole

    ok. you NEEEEED this one

    starlight road


    3 book of moon. theyre god. they stop synchros, monstr destruction, you name it

    tech 1 shrink. good for .... well you know. protecting ur monsters OR killing theirs.

    please feel free to ask more questions by going to my youtube and PMing me. i'll be glad to help.

    oh i forgot. my favorite tech to use. grandmole. people say its slow as ****. i say otherwise.

    example you have 2 monsters on field. they set facedown. they cant kill ur 2 monsters. you summon grand mole. bouce facedown attack directly with 2 monsters. grandmole is like a permenant bouncer. you dont lose hand advantage and he rapes synchros giving opponents -2 or more and you STILL dont get any minuses.

    Source(s): six samurai user. duel team Diversity vice captian. won locals MANY MANY times using six samurai.
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  • 10 years ago

    sir add solidarty x3

    -2 warrior returning alive

    -1 lightning vortex

    +3x smashing ground

    - scrap and cylinder9want to kill not delay) +2 d prison


    -2 swift strike

    +2 book of moon

    - dna


    +1 space


    sams need to be natural

    -2 famevell

    -1 nitro

    +1 yachi

    +1 kamon

    +1 nisashi(for otk)

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  • 10 years ago

    your six samurai don't really need synchro but i rate this deck 9.5 out of 10 also i would keep 42 to 43 cards

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  • 10 years ago

    Nice deck, 4/5 Because I don't like samurais. Also, you have extra cards.

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  • 10 years ago

    I give that a 110%That deck is might be even better than mine!

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