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Today Sept. 11, will Muslims from around the World remember their Dirty Deeds of Murder and Mayhem?

Will they repent or celebrate their actions of September 11, 2001? All Muslims should be deported from North America.


Evil Bast^rds that they are.

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    muslim groups in muslim centric cities in other countries in western europe are becoming the new "gestapo" in western countries that most muslims are not even native

    deporting all muslims instead or profiling each one is the answer, muslims do not belong in western countries because most muslims cannot find peace with western countries that do not share their political and intertwined religious ideals and way of life, basically muslims keep church and state together while western countries keep church and state separate.

    muslims fear deportation because that will hobble the muslims great plan to overthrow the western countries government with their way.

    don't cloud your judgement grow a backbone!

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    Brother Eid Mubarak, we are going to be having Eid on Saturday right here in Pakistan, inshaAllah, desire Allah provide us of challenge to fulfill yet another Ramadan next 3 hundred and sixty 5 days. -Ameen- and Bro: Eid is termed Eid Globally.

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    Come on man... You think while all the famine and wars and suffering is going on in the day to day struggle of their everyday life they are gonna care about a few thousand Americans dying 9 years ago? The US really is a collective baby if the people want middle easterns to appreciate their "tragedies".

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    i expect many will and will be enjoying the memory

    i wonder if the iman who is behind 9/11 is celebrating.....he certainly knows the significance of the date and it is in his planner for an appropriate date to begin work on his wicked project

    i suppose that is just coincidence is it?

    the celebrations may well be low key as they want to portray themselves as victims of

    Source(s): certainly deport any who have over stayed.......this is often how they get to be in america ......and limit numbers coming in....
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    i will say a prayer for all the innocent men,women and babies killed by Americans starting with the hundred's of thousands killed by the atom bomb,right through todays murders of civilians in Afghanistan and helping Israeli kill women and children in gaza,American's should be kicked out of all muslim based countries

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    err no they shouldn't be deported

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