the southern states Texas, Alabama, Mississippi = reputation of being conservative?

I just heard that the Asians don´t feel well there...what about the other ethnics like latinas or blacks?

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    1 decade ago
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    I'm from Alabama and we LOVE Asians. A lot of southerns like Latinas, too.

    Sad to say that even though the larger cities in the south are majority black, it's still slightly racist towards them.

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    What does being conservative have to do with not making Asian people feel welcome? I am from Mississippi, and have recently moved back after living all over the world. My best friend is Asian American and she loves visiting me in MS. I have several Asian students (I'm a college prof), as well as colleagues, who seem to be enjoying our Southern hospitality- and some want to remain in MS permanently.

    Native Mississippians are nearly equal black and white, so that's a non-issue.

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    through fact those are Southern States of the yank Civil warfare. at the instant, their all Republican States and the Democrats like to associate the bigotry and racism of those States with the previous to make the Republicans seem racist. Racism and Bigotry (thank you for know-how the distinction) is modern-day in all States. i can testify to this in view that i've got been to all of them from Maine to Florida to California to Washington; all of them are racists and bigots modern-day. the main populated States with the final variety of immigrants and subculture communities are by skill of a few distance the main worst. This contains States like California, huge apple, Florida, Texas, etc. regulation enforcement are the main important supporters and actors of this theater.

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    1 decade ago

    Your question doesn't seem very valid.

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