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MRSA PLZ INFORM ME???????????????????


Ive never heard of it tell a few days ago since my sister was tested postive with mrsa after a mouth surgery, and got an infection and it was msra,I search it online actually and got a littel info,

I becoming a tad bit crazy over it although i dont want my sister to feel out of place, but i am a diabtetic and am at higer risk of getting this infection, Can someone plz inform me on it every since i heard i font share clothing,shoes,make-up,food with her am i taking it over board? also I heard that it just areas of infection and if you have an open wound that it can be transmitted? so should we only not share things that involve her infection ie, lipgloss etc ??? PLZZ HELP and also can mrsa ever leave a person

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    just go to this site and read up. its very serious but treatable if found in time

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    mersa is highly infectious drug resistant staph infection of the can kill in some instances,my mother got mersa after a knee replacement surgery,it festered in her knee til they had to remove the metal plate in her knee,then a few years after the knee surgery the mersa spread,eventually the drs had to amputate her leg at the knee,she died of a blood infection.

    Source(s): my mom had it.
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