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What Are the Differences Between CFL and NFL rules?

I'm just curious about the differences between CFL and NFL? Can some explain them? Thanks a lot!

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    A few more:

    NFL - 45 seconds to put the ball in play after ref blows whistle

    CFL - 20 second time clock after ref blows whistle! (big difference - more plays from scrimmage in a CFL game)

    CFL allows more motion before the ball is snapped.

    CFL allows a team to run or pass the ball from scrimmage for a 2 point convert. NFL is standard 1 pt kick.

    In the NFL the ball is dead after a missed field goal or convert attempt.

    In the CFL on a field goal attempt, the defending team may return a missed field goal to the kicking team's end zone for a Touchdown.

    In the CFL on a convert attempt after a touchdown, the defending team may return a missed kick convert to the kicking team's end zone for 1 point, or if the convert was a rush or pass play may return a fumble or interception for 2 points.

    Overtime: in the CFL ball is scrimmaged from the 35 yard line of the opponent. Both teams have 2 chances to score. NFL the coin toss determines who gets the ball on offence, if the team scores the game is over. Opponent no chance to get ball.

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    I'm not going to get all of them. But some main ones are:

    Field Dimension: CFL field is 110 yards long and 65 yards wide. The endzones are also 20 yards long. NFL is 100 yards long, 50 yards wide and the endzones are 10 yards long.

    Ball Size: I don't know the dimensions but the CFL ball was a wider circumference in the middle and it's a little shorter. It's like someone took an NFL ball, placed it on it's end and squished it slightly.

    # of Players: CFL has 12...unless you're from Saskatchewan ;-) jk Riderville. NFL has 11.

    Downs: CFL plays 3 down football. NFL plays 4 down football.

    Field Goal Posts: In the CFL the goal posts are right on the goalline. In the NFL they are at the back of the endzone.

    There is no fair catch on punts in the CFL. All players from the kicking team must maintain a 5 yard perimeter around the receiving player. If someone breaks that perimeter, it's a 15 yards penalty if the player is receiving the ball from the air, and it's a 5 yard penalty if the player let the ball bounce and it picking it up from the ground.

    Also, if there is a "touchback" (when the ball goes through the back or side of the endzone on a kick or a punt, or if a receiving player takes a knee in the endzone) that results in 1 point for the kicking team. This is called a Rouge.

    Anyone else...what am I missing?

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    The ones I know are 110 yard field, there is a 55 yard line You get 3 Downs instead of 4 There is no such thing as illegal motion, 2 players can move at the same time.

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    unless your saskatchewan hahaha laughed at that one...the main difference is 3 downs in CFL compared to NFL's 4 downs

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