motorcycle batterys life span?

Does anyone know an average life span for a motorcycle.Mine is a stock sportster battery.

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    There is ALWAYS...ALOT...of controversy on this subject. A "little" knowledge is a dangerous thing, and there are alot of dangerous answers.

    A Harley or Deka battery will last 4-6 years if properly maintained, meaning, keep the battery plugged into a Battery Tender whenever the bike is not being used, I have even heard of a few people getting 7 and 8 years to a battery. Doing this will keep the battery fully charged at all times......I don't understand why the above answerer makes this sound so difficult, its not hard t at all to simply plug two sockets together.

    I have been trained by not only Halrey on this subject, but also the manufacturer of Harley's batteries, East Penn Mfg, makers of DEKA batteries (same as Harley). East Penn's batteries on without a doubt, the best, most heavy duty, longest lasting battery on the market. The only drawback to your bike being a Sportster, Harley has a "monopoly, so to speak on the '04-up Sportster battery, even though East Penn makes Harley's batteries, they are not allowed, under the Deka brand, to make the ETX14 battery, it is a special design, size and CCA rating strictly licensed to Harley, pre-'04's are available from Deka.

    I don't know why most people won't invest in a battery that will last 4-6 years on average and the additional $40 for a Battery Tender to ensure they will ALWAYS have a properly and fully charged battery, that will also ensure it's maimum life span, as opposed to cheap old-fashioned wet lead/acid batteries that only last 1 maybe 2 years and require constant maintenance and leak acid.

    It is also not commonly known that AGM batteries DO require special charging and testing procedures. Old style "trickle" chargers, the common 2/6/10 amp chargers will damage AGM batteries. AGMs are completely sealed, designed to maintain 1-2psi positive internal gas pressure, if a Battery Tender type "smart" charger is not used, and an old dtyle trickle charger IS used, it charges the battery too hot, too quick and will cause the internal pressure relief valve to pop-off and release the required gas pressure.

    Also, the testing procdures are different, AGMs are rated as "percent of charge" by its voltage. Load testing is also different, special load testers are required to load test an AGM at 50% of its Cold Cranking Amp rating, and that rating varies with temperature. Harley will not warranty a battery unless it has been tested by a dealer, the dealers have a special tester that gives a print out of the testing procedure, this tester is $1500, a little more than most people are willing to spend for a load tester. For Harley to warranty one of their batteries, they must first recieve this print-out, without, they will not warranty it.

    I do have some literature on this subject that I can email you. If interested, send me your emaill address.

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    Motorcycle Battery Life

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    Motorcycle batteries don't generally last as long as car batteries. 2-3 years is a fairly good life span for a motorcycle battery. I would check the battery first. Charge it up and remove the charger. Watch to see if in a few hours if the voltage drops below 12 volts. If the voltage does drop replace the battery. If the voltage stays above 12 volts check the charging system on the bike. Install a well charged battery and check your voltage at the battery terminals while the bike is running. If you have between 13.4-14.5 volts you are good to go. If the voltage starts O.K. but then drops below 12 volts(it will if there is a problem)or simply never gets to 13.4 volts, replace your alternator and voltage regulator. If the voltage is above 14.5 volts, replace your voltage regulator and battery. If all is well with the battery and the charging system, then something is pulling down the battery. You may have a short somewhere, and this is when it pays to have someone else look at your bike. Intermittent electrical problems are a pain in the butt. However, If you have the time and know how, there is nothing like finding a tough problem and stopping it yourself. Good Luck. Ride Safe

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    motorcycle batterys life span?

    Does anyone know an average life span for a motorcycle.Mine is a stock sportster battery.

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    Batteries will loose their ability to hold a charge as they age. 2 years is about the life span of a motorcycle battery. Remove the battery from the bike and give it a good charge. Check the voltage and let it sit overnight. Check the voltage the next day. If the voltage went down, the battery cannot hold a charge and will have to be replaced. If the battery retained it's charge, check the charging system.

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    It depends on a lot of things. For instance, the range of temperatures where the bike is stored.

    I would say between 3 and 7 years. Sooner or later a battery won't hold a charge. You get it all charged up, it runs for a day or so and the next day it's dead. That's how you know you need a new one.

    If you don't ride the bike often, if it sits for a month or so, it will discharge by itself. If you leave it discharged like that for another month or so, it will never hold a full charge after that. So if you don't use the bike a lot, a 'battery tender' might be a good idea.

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    AWESOME! Thank you so very much for your answer. My husband has an '03 Sportster and couldn't figure out what was wrong with his battery after only 3 years. We invested in a Harley battery but did not keep it on the charger through the winter. Now we know the problem. We have one but wasn't using it consistently. We have learned our lesson and will make certain to take great care of the next one.

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    Flooded batteries may last as little as 2 years, as much as 10 or 11. A lot depends on how they are stored and cared for.

    AGM batteries are supposed to last longer, but I have not found that to be the case. They need more attention with a battery tender over the winter.

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