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I am miserably obsessing over what to do with my degree?

I am a second year university student in a 4 year undergraduate program, currently undeclared. I need some serious advice/help-I need to stop feeling like this. I am overwhelmed with frustration and full of anxiety because I really have no clue what I am going to do with my degree, let alone what to specialize in. I chose to come to university to find out what I really liked, and now I see I just wasn't ready. I got straigh 70s last year not trying very hard and have no motivation to try at all this year. I feel bad having my parents who believe in me 100% and are helping me out a lot with my tuition and living expenses - and I am miserable. I have freinds here who are in the same boat with not knowing what they want to do after uni, yet they dont let it bother them. I wish I could be like that but I am so lost. I dont have anyone to confide in because I don't show how much this is bothering me, I feel like it will make it worse if I share how I feel with someone and they don't understand. I'm tired of getting the same advice of "You'll figure it out, something will come up" I feel stuck and alone and miserable... I can't even explain it well. I just want to be happy and be myself but something is stopping me.

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    Your university career center has tests you can take, which match your skills and interests up with careers that you might like. You can look at what careers that suggests, and research each one to see which might be of interest to you, and then use that to help guide your choice of major.

    One thing you really need to know is that for most careers, employers (except in very specific fields - nursing, engineering, accounting, etc.) don't actually care what you majored in. All they care about is that you got a good degree. The way you actually get the first job in the career isn't because you majored in some specific subject, but via the work-related experiences you got while you studied. So once you take the test I mentioned, above, start doing related work for clubs and orgs. on campus. Then parlay that into an internship. The purpose of all this is two-fold: 1) it looks good on your resume/CV, and will help you get your first job in the field, and 2) it's a way for you to check out the field before you enter it, to be sure you like it.

    Know that most people change careers - not jobs, but *careers* - five times in their life. That's not just being promoted from, say, Marketing Assistant to Marketing Manager. That's actually doing something like going from Human Resources into Information Technology and then into Marketing. So if you're putting pressure on yourself to decide what to major in based on WHAT YOU'RE GOING TO DO FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE OMG OMG OMG!!!, don't. Stop. Instead, take that test, and use it to help guide you. Also, look around you. What do you like to do? What clubs have you joined? What are you doing for them? What classes have you liked? Pay attention to such things, because they can help guide you.

    And use the professional resources available to you at your uni. The professionals working at the career center, the professional counsellors in student health services, your academic advisor, your RD (head of residence) - these people all have experience helping students through these sorts of issues. Talk to someone. It can help to have someone impartial - someone who is not a friend or family - to talk to.

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