'not working' Wireless LAN adapter?

My Computer is an HP Media Center from 4 years ago. I have always used an Ethernet cable for my internet. Now I want to use the wireless adapter that is said to be built in to the computer.

My list of wireless networks in range says there are none, though other computers in my house are fine detecting them. I was told to look for a switch to turn on the adapter, but no external switch seems present.

I checked advanced settings in the wireless networks, and then brought up the device info, it shows:


Wireless LAN PCI 802.11 b/g adapter WN5301A

device type: Network Adapters

Manufacturer: Liteon

Location: PCI Slot 1 (PCI bus 2, device 3, function 0)

Device status: Device is working properly



So ya, the above information shows no indication to me as to what needs to be done for m to use wireless on my computer. Please help me understand.

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    I would recommend not uninstalling the device, as you'll be back to this site asking what drivers you need to download and where to get them. I would suggest updating the drivers though. You say the computer is four years old and the wireless has never been used. It possible that your network is using a security feature that the card does not support. I have an old laptop for instance that would not detect networks secured by WPA or WPA2. After updating the drivers, I was then able to connect. I suggest you visit the HP website, find the drivers for your specific model PC, and download the most recent driver file for your network adapter.

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    There are multiple bands of n, is your router working on a band that your usb adapter can use? For example, my router will do either 2.4ghz n, 5ghz n or both. My cellphone will only work with 2.4ghz n, so if I set my router to 5ghz only (which is recommended if you can do it because there is less interference in that band) my phone doesn't work on n, it will fall back to g instead.

  • Go to your Control Panel | System | Device Manager


    Find and Highlight that device and delete it.

    The system will find and reinstall the drivers & protocols. Reboot if it doesn't find it when you exit the control panel. It will when Windows restarts.

    That usually solves the problem.

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