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Some facts about insect eggs? Anything?

I just need a few facts about insect eggs, that's all. Anything would be great, thanks.

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    Insect eggs are typically small and are found in obscure places Also insect eggs are usually different in color.

    Insect eggs are of many shapes and sizes and are deposited by the females in various locations and ways; they may be smooth ellipses or be ribbed or sculptured in various ways; others may be provided with processes of different kinds to ensure survival. The length of time required for hatching varies with each insect species and is affected by many external factors such as temperature and moisture.

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    Some of the important fact about insect eggs are such as, the majority of insects hatch from eggs. The fertilization and development takes place inside the egg, enclosed by a shell (chorion). Some species of insects, like the cockroach Blaptica dubia, as well as juvenile aphids and tsetse flies, are ovoviviparous. The eggs of ovoviviparous animals develop entirely inside the female, and then hatch immediately upon being laid. Some other species, such as those in the genus of cockroaches known as Diploptera, are viviparous, and thus gestate inside the mother and are born alive. Some insects, like parasitic wasps, show polyembryony, where a single fertilized egg divides into many and in some cases thousands of separate embryos.

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