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To immunize or not immunize our baby?

Well...I've put it off but lately I'm going back to the idea of vaccinating our baby son. I wanted to wait until at least 1 year old to give his little immune system some time to get it's own strength but now I'm not so sure.

We will be adopting him in the coming months and are very close to his first mom and grandmother. Both fully support my waiting or not doing it at all. They even sent me a book in support of questioning vaccination. (They have also stated they would support us if we chose to do it as well). The midwife who delivered him and cared for his first mom and dealt with us in the weeks following is also in favour of waiting at the very least.

Yet...NOT vaccinating might be an obstacle to finalizing the adoption since it is the accepted standard for public health.

He would be hit with a lot of needles his first year if we wait to start then.

As well, the whooping cough outbreak in California has me thinking harder about the risks of not immunizing him.

And there is the science behind vaccinating which I can't ignore. I'm well aware of medical bias but people in my life that I would trust with my child's life (educated people with experience in the fields of science, nutrition etc...) have been very respectful but clear in their views.

I appreciate everyone's input either way because my position to this point was one of questioning both sides because I believe there are agendas in both cases. I just didn't want to jump in without thinking about it a while.

So...I'm not sure what to do now. On the one hand, I agree the risks associated with not vaccinating are more likely to become a problem but it seems that many of these diseases can be handled in most cases. Whereas some long term damage from immunizing can't be "fixed" so easily. And the science behind most of the studies against vaccinations is weak at best.

Opinions please. I would welcome any links to properly researched reports (based on solid scientific practices).

Our son is 4 months old.



I should mention that my pediatrician (who supports me in being sure and taking my time to decide; his daughter is a naturopath so perhaps he has a different take) has stated we cannot be selective in what vaccines we get administered.

If anyone knows where this could be different in Ontario, Canada...speak up! :)

Update 2:

I've asked for all opinions so I won't be choosing a best answer on this one. Thanks!

Update 3:

I'm aware of the eradication of diseases in our society (I'm in Canada) but in these times where physical boundaries mean nothing due to travel, I don't assume that anyone is 100% safe from communicable diseases. Even if we never travelled again, someone else who has can bring it here.

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    I became very pro vacinate after my 5 1/2 week old son caught pertussis (whooping cough). " it seems that many of these diseases can be handled in most cases" I watched my son fight for his life for weeks on end. There is no cure for the pertussis, or help, we had to watch him in the hospital bed help less and just pray that he was strong enough to survive this....Most infants arnt.

    Please not that whooping cough is not only in California, We live in North Carolina.

    My son was to young to have his 1st dose of the Dtap vaccine. But it could have all been prevented had my family known that we needed a booster (Tdap) on our child hood shot. It was my husband that caught pertussis 1st and spread it to my son.

    After seeing my tiny baby fight for his life b/c of a preventable disease, I will always keep him vaccinated aswell as pay more attention to the vaccines I may need as an adult.

    To the person that said polio is no longer in this country, Why do you think we dont see it ...b/c most of us vaccinate for it. If America was to stop vaccinating for it, it would come back since other countries are still suffering from it.

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    I've always been very pro-vaccination. The measles outbreaks, the whooping cough outbreaks, this is what happens when people listen too much to pseudoscience. The autism/vaccination link has been -disproven- and now kids are getting diseases that they should never have gotten.

    Way to go, anti-vaccination crowd.

    Plus, in other parts of the world, kids are still getting crippled by polio, people are dying from tetanus (for crying out loud!). These diseases are -not- eradicated and if the measles and whooping cough can make a resurgence, so can polio. Chicken pox might be a nuisance for a child, but the chicken pox virus re-emerges as shingles as an adult, which can be absolutely devastating. Why put your child through that?

    I'm very tired of the anti-vaccination crowd creating a public health risk.

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    If i were you I would vaccinate against the whooping cough only- that would be the Dtap vaccine.

    I would wait for the others. I would try to see if they can compromise and let them know you'd want him on a different vaccination schedule. space them out.

    at 2 months and 4 months my daughter was up to date with her vaccinations but after that i refused. i do want to give her time to build her own immunity. the only vaccine i did allow recently was the dtap since the whooping cough outbreak. good luck. don't let people's opinions sway you. no matter what you do people will disagree/agree just do whats best for your son

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    I refuse to vaccinate my daughter until she is at least 2 years old.

    1 in 110 children now have autism. To me, that is a much great concern than getting chicken pox or something non-life threatening like that. Also some of the other vaccines are just plain pointless. Hepatits B? You can only get that from needles or sex! My baby surely isnt gonna get Hep B! It is so dumb what they give babies for vaccines.

    I plan to follow the same vaccination plan as Denmark. They only give like 11 vaccines over the course of a childs life. Whereas in the united states its like 32 or something like that. And the rate of autism in denmark is more like 1 in 800, but here it is 1 in 110.

    I really don't think thats just a coincidence do you?!

    If you must vaccine. Do it slowly, one at a time and watch VERY CAREFULLY for signs that your son is reacting badly to it.

    Most people that are all pro-vaccine dont know ANYTHING about the other side of the arguement. They just blindly follow their doctors. Well guess what? Doctors arent god and we dont have to do what they say.

    Do your research and make an informed decision.

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    While deciding whether or not to immunize, consider this as well:

    Not immunizing your children can affect other people as well, not just your child. Your child could become a carrier for an illness or disease and could turn around an infect someone else who may not have been immunized due to an underlying illness.

    Most of the immunizations they have today are for diseases that we don't normally encounter such as polio, mumps, measles, etc. So, allowing your child's immune system to develop on its own, really isn't as effective for diseases such as these unless the child has been exposed to them -- which could be very unlikely.

    Source(s): Medic in US Army
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    I particularly lots accompanied the shot time table till my son have been given to the 12 month photographs. They needed to furnish him 5 photographs in a million flow to! they does not supply any at 15 months generally so I asked them to split the twelve months photographs up and supply him some now and a few at 15 months. labored out superb for us. :)

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    Vaccinations are all about propaganda. Did you know that there hasn't been a natural case of polio in the US for over 30 years but millions now carry simian virus 40 thanks to contaminated polio vaccines.

    You have a son so the chances of vaccine damage aren't 1 in 110 ( thats for girls), his chances are about 1 in 70

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    My vote, naturally, is NO. But then, I'm not you. ;-)

    Let me get through this horrible, horrible weekend, and I promise I will dig you up some more resources.

    In the meantime, please check out the following:



    Regarding DPT, I highly recommend this book:


    And for possible alternatives, please talk to your Ped's daughter...If not her, she probably knows someone who can do "nosodes", which are homeopathic vaccines. Here's a site to get you started, and you can just google 'nosodes' and get a whole mess of info besides.


    Also, and you know this already, make sure he's getting enough probiotics, and some colostrum, if you can. 70% of the immune system is in the gut.

    Source(s): Vaccine injured, and a mother of 2 unvaccinated kids
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    I plan to immunize, as it is better than allowing my child to become seriously ill from wholly preventable illnesses.

    It is often recommended that you in stages, instead of having several at once. That way, over-exposure to some of the 'questionable' ingredients would be significantly reduced.

  • you should definitely immunize. it is better to deal with a slight fever for a day than deal with polio, rubella, hepatitis, whooping cough ect......


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