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Liver Disease or Something else?

I have an 8 pound toy poodle.

She's 12 years old and for the most part, spunky as can be (acts like she's 5)

Earlier this year, I went to Mexico where I spent 6 months...

I asked my parents not to tell me if the dog went down hill because I knew I wouldnt deal with it very well.

When I got home thought my parents told me the whole story.

Shandy happened to be really sick when I was gone.

At first my parents blamed it on old age and or depression (because I wasnt around) but they soon realized it much more serious...

She stopped eating entirely, and lost about 2 and a half pounds (remember she's only 8lbs) and this happened within a week.

So my mom took her to the vet, where they've been less than helpful.

$500 later, they'd taken xrays and had blood work done, and all they could tell us was that "SOMETHING" was wrong with her liver but they didnt actually know what.

Either way, she was in Acute Liver Failure and the vet sent my mum home with her believing my dog wouldnt make it through the night...

My mum wasnt satisfied with this answer, so she went on a site similar to this and read that she basically needed to change her entire diet. So as advised by this website, the dog now gets omelettes for breakfast and beef/chicken and rice for dinner.

And Shandy did get better.

When I got home from mexico, she seems 100% fine, and she has been for the past 2 months.

In the last week though, she's stopped eating again. She doesnt want her eggs, or her dinner and she's still refusing to eat dog food...

I love my dog more than anything in the world, and i'm so scared she's going down the same road again.

Has anybody had experience with this or know anything about Liver Diseases??

I just want to find out before I spend another $500 at the vet to have them tell me nothing again...

So if your answering this question just too tell me this is better suited for a vet, I'd prefer you just don't answer at all

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    They took Xrays and did blood work.

    Their diagnosis of liver failure was possibly based on radio-graphic findings of an enlarged liver and the blood-work indicating liver failure. The liver is a marvellous organ, unfortunately by the time we notice that it is in trouble it is too late.

    You PAID for these tests so the results belong to you. Go back to the vet, ask for photocopies of the reports. You need to check to see if the liver enzymes are elevated. The vet should explain this to you, and as a consumer of health care you have the right to this information. The blood test can be repeated and compared with the original one so you know if she is getting better or worse.

    They can tell you if the liver is failing, but they can not always say WHY it is failing. The liver removes toxins from the system, and it sometimes fails. It could be a long term chronic thing that has caught up with her or a single attack of liver disease that is now chronic.

    An acute disease comes quickly and either gets better or kills you, a chronic disease lingers and lingers and you either die from old age or it eventually kills you. perhaps she went from an acute stage into a chronic stage.

    You do need to go talk to the same vet yourself and get the results. You probably just need the blood work repeated and they can give you more information. I'm not sure how long those little guys live, but she could be in her final days. Trying out different diets etc. will not save her if she is in serious liver failure. Even with humans, if your liver is shot, it's pretty well game over. They will not be able to save her.

    You may be facing a hard choice soon. Sorry. But it is worth your peace of mind to repeat the blood-work. A simple blood test tells a LOT about her liver function.

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    In geriatric cats each so often in the event that they do no longer consume for extra suitable than 7 days the liver will start to shop fat for destiny use to maintain the physique alive , even nonetheless, convalescing from this condition is amazingly perplexing truly with older cats. that doesn't recommend that they do no longer recuperate, that's in simple terms very difficult.the main element to do is to get him to start ingesting, in case you restoration the rationalization why he's not ingesting then he would a good possibility of convalescing

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    Don't feed dogs eggs or rice (it makes them sick). Give her pedigree dog food. The best quality you can find.

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