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Why am I a better pool player when im slightly drunk?

what is it about alcohol that makes some people better players?

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    Many people think they are better drivers and better lovers and better pool players after they have had a few drinks. The truth is you are probably not.

    If people actually were better players when they were drunk every professional would get a skinful before they picked up a cue, yet a true pro would never touch alchohol before playing.

    There may be two minor exception to what I've just said:

    If you have a medical condition of being extemely nervy or twitchy then a few beers might help overcome this condition. Bill Werbeniuk a great Canadian snooker player famously used to guzzle a couple of dozen beers a day when playing tournaments but despite the massive intake seldom seemed even a little drunk. He was granted a medical exemption from the authorities for a condition called "familial benign essential tremor". i.e. the shakes. I doubt this affects you or you would have mentioned it.

    The other possibility is that a few beers relax you and increase your self confidence. While this will work for a while against social opponents, if you get serious about the sport then you will develop the confidence and ability through practice, not through "Dutch Courage".

    As you progress you won't need the drinks and you will soon find that you play so much better without them.

    Don't get me wrong I love a few drinks, but NEVER before a match with a serious opponent.

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    Alcohol doesn't actually make you into a better player, but even snooker coaches will tell you that once you have decided what shot you're about to take, take it with 100% confidence, alcohol gives a lot of players that extra confidence they need, that's what makes the difference, confidence!

    Source(s): Snooker referee.
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    5 years ago

    I don't know, but I'm the same. If my life depended on it I couldn't sink a ball sober, but drunk I manage all these funky split shots and rebounds and stuff. My friend calls it "more a*s*s than class"... I guess it's something like that.

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    lowers your stress/relaxing

    Source(s): playing pool for 32 years and still not very good but better after a few beers...
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