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What's your favorite & least favorite Leonardo DiCaprio movie?

To all Leo fans out there, I wanna know what YOUR favorite and least favorite/over rated Leo movie/s is/are!!!

You can mention as many as you want!

If you can, please give your reasoning, I'd be delighted to know!!

I personally have yet to see The Departed, Body Of Lies, Blood Diamond and a few others...

But so far I really loved What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, Catch Me If You Can, Inception, Shutter Island, This Boy's Life, Titanic, a classic, the list is endless!!

However, I didn't quite as much enjoy The Beach and Total Eclipse, don't know why, maybe something was missing...?

Really interested to know different peoples thoughts!

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  • rko88
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    10 years ago
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    My favorite movie of his is The Departed which he was amazing in. His acting was great in this movie and he played the undercover cop very well and I was rooting for him the whole movie so it sucks he died in it. His performance was great in this movie so I don't know what that other person is talking about, he played the character very well and his acting was truly amazing in The Departed. My least favorite movie of his would be the Titanic just because I don't really like those type of movies and his character was too feminine and I just hate the romance factor and how he played the character. Don't get me wrong the movie was great but I just didn't like the character he played and not one of my favorite roles for him. He also did really well in Blood Diamond and you have to check this one out too but watch The Departed if you want to see his best performance. The movie truly is amazing.

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  • 10 years ago

    Shutter Island and Inception would have to be my favourites, because I like those kinds of films. I didn't like The Man in the Iron Mask.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Hey there!

    I personally think that Blood Diamond was my favourite movie with leonardo DiCaprio. His acting was outstanding and the 'Rhodesian' accent was brilliant, also it is my number #1 movie. I would have to say The Departed was the least favourite, I personally didn't like the movie and I think that DiCaprio was given the wrong role for his type of acting!

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  • 4 years ago

    A Boys Life (favorite) it is not a pleasant movie but for the purpose of social studies, watch it It explains why some men should not be around kids

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  • 10 years ago

    Favourite- Titanic (I fell in LOVE with Leo watching this!)

    Least Favourite- Shutter Island (I fell out of love with Leo after watching this...!)

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  • 10 years ago

    Im not a dicaprio fan but i rly liked the beach and shutter island, they both have clever storylines. And catch me if u can.

    On the other hand i never liked titanic its too melodramatic and lovey dovey for my tastes..


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  • 10 years ago

    Favorite-...I have more than one- Basketball Diaries, Catch me if you can,

    Least- the beach

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