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What religion are the Kurds? And are the Kurdish people Arab? Where are they from?

i hear very little about the Kurds, would like to hear more....any info would be appreciated.

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    The Kurds are mostly Muslim, Quincee33 :

    However, during WWI, a group of Christians were discovered there, forgotten by the world and time.

    They spoke Aramaic, the forgotten language of the Bible and had their own manuscripts that were not adulterated by the East and West church.

    A young shepherd boy with a photographic memory was discovered by missionaries and educated at the finest schools. He translated their Aramaic Bible to English, and you can buy it on Ebay.

    Ask for the George Lamsa Bible. Only buy the N.T. as we have very accurate Hebrew scripts.

    It will build your faith in God's ability to protect His Word.

    Blessings, Ticlesh

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    Kurds are a cultural and linguistic group indigenous to a region comprising northern Iraq, bordering parts of Turkey, Iran and Armenia. They're not Arabic. They're an ethnic group with a distinct Indo-Iranian-group language. Most but not all Kurds are Islamic. Some are of Christian or Jewish faiths and some follow indigenous religions that probably antedate Christianity and Islam.

    They're probably derived largely from the ancient Hurrians and maybe Medes and others and as such they spoke a completely different language. They probably started speaking a Persian dialect when they were part of the Persian Empire and later developed their own distinctive language.

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    There are Jewish Kurds, Muslim Kurds, Yezidi Kurds, Ahl-e-Haqq Kurds, etc. Mostly they're Muslim, but there's a sizeable minority that practice traditional Kurdish religions like Yezidism and Ahl-e-Haqq.

    The Kurds are mostly from the area around Turkey and Iraq. And, no, they aren't an Arabic people, which is partially why they get so much crap from other groups around them.

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    What Religion Are Kurds

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    You should check out the CIA's site. They have a World Fact Book that is very thorough.

    I'm sure they'll have the info you are looking for.

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    the majority are Muslim , no they are Not Arab .. they have Kurdish language

    they are live in Iraq , Iran , Turkey , Syria !!

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    They're Iranians from the province of Kurdistan in Iran. They're usually made fun of because of their hilarious accents. I think they're practically all Muslims.

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    They're Sunni Moslems, meaning their Imans are chosen by the elders of the tribe,

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    kurds are muslim, mostly are Iraqi

    they had a politcal split from sadam

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