Do Hispanics in Canada tend to be White or non-White?

In the US, it's kind of mixed. There are a lot of dark-skinned Hispanics, just like there are a lot of light-skinned Hispanics.

I understand that there are very few Hispanics in Canada. But I was just wondering if the few that are there tend to be White (more Spanish European blood) or dark (more Aztec/Mayan blood).

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    The ones I have met (in Ontario) are mostly from South America. Peruvian, dark-skinned and look indigenous.

    I have seen a couple of mexican families who looked mixed.


    Generally Hispanics in Canada come from South America.

    El Salvador - 13.2%

    Mexico - 12.4%

    Chile - 8.4%

    Peru - 5.9%

    Colombia - 5.3%

    Guatemala - 4.7%

    Argentina - 4.1%

    Ecuador - 3.7%

    Spain - 3.5%

    Nicaragua - 3.2%


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    1 decade ago

    Majority of the immigrant hispanics are the mestizos and indigenous.

    But there are many white latinos especially if they come form Argentina or Chile.

  • I see more 'dark-skinned Hispanic' but it's depend who, i am Canadian my self (my Dad from Buenos Aires) and everyone say i look like a Italian plus my last name is like an Italian name,for not to help me

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