Alabama 1930's help!?

I am doing a then adn now research project on Alabama and my first topic was housing. What was housing like in Alabama in the 1930's and what other 4 topics should I write about? Im finding it hard to find information this far back. HELP!

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  • sara
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    10 years ago
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    housing was pretty much the same in any state in the south during that time period.

    if you were white and had some money from family personal wealth, you lived well. at least until the great depression. then the people who did not have their money tied up in the stock market still maintained a decent life style.

    going back to general population. poor whites were share cropping just like poor blacks.

    they would get to live in a shack of a house on the property of someone of wealth and they grew what they were told to grow. come harvest, they had to turn over half of what they grew to the owners of property they could be thrown off the property at any time. they owned nothing, they made just enough to stay alive. sometimes not even that, when it came to infants and the old.

    the south did not get too involved in stacked housing or large apartment buildings as was the case in the north, since no heat was required in the winter, well it might of been but you didn't get it.

    small shacks were made in a day. no basement, put on cements blocks a good wind could blow them over.

    if your topic for everything is suppose to be alabama, then look into general information you would

    be able to collect on pretty much any southern state. it would be a lot easier to research,

    like voter registration, the great depression, jessie owens and his 1936 gold at Olympics

    he was from alabama, the kkk, just google it on wikipedia.

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  • Danuta
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    4 years ago

    In a general sense, Protestant Christianity was the most common religion. Specifically, membership in the Southern Baptist Church was most common. By 1940, one out of seven people in Alabama were Southern Baptists, and the Baptists had had a numerical majority since at least 1916, so it's a safe bet that they were the also the majority in 1936. There were certainly Catholics in Alabama in the '30s. They were a minority and were perceived as not truly Christian in terms of fundamentalist ideology, so anti-Catholic sentiment (encouraged particularly by the Ku Klux Klan) was a common feature of Alabama society at the time.

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