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I have to write 3 poems for English :/ Help?

I can't think of anything to write about, I have the worst vocabulary, and I can't write xD Can someone help me out a bit? Thanks

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    The Infinite

    This hedgerow hides the skyline from my view,

    But not my dreaming mind; this lonely hill,

    A broken levee where I ponder still

    And sunken, lone survivor of a crew

    Of castaways adrift in endless blue,

    Protects the floodplains where my questions spill

    But barely, and there washes in a nil

    And tongueless terror woven through and through.

    My heart is sore and sick. Beyond the bar,

    In the immensity my thought is drowned,

    And silence claims me for eternity;

    But past the outward strand of sense and sound,

    The merge of beating heart and pulsing star,

    How strangely sweet the foundering in that sea.


    Robert Scarlett

    I've known the toil of three score years

    And built the arks of damned and dears,

    And here I build unto this day;

    O' how much longer can I stay?

    I've known the lot of them from birth,

    Have seen their tears, have heard their mirth,

    Have heard a maiden wail with child

    And each was born to be exiled —

    Both king and knave; to common end

    Do all the sons of Adam tend

    Where mire and mitre come to blend —

    We're wanderin’, we're wanderin'.

    Four horsemen ride both day and night

    And every living soul indict.

    From John o' Groats unto Lands End

    They take what man cannot defend,

    And own all here and yet to come --

    They fill the whole and are the sum.

    And by their work I'm sore annoyed

    Though all hours of the day employed.

    I pant and grunt in mortal pain,

    I feel my vital forces wane

    But still I hear them o'er the plain

    Come thunderin', come thunderin'.

    I, shoulder-deep in dirt and death,

    Strain gutter-gasped wit' failin' breath;

    Alas, the farrier works by moon'

    To make as one my curse and boon.

    So on I delve, toss up a bone

    And ken one day 'twill be my own —

    What Mother fathers, Father tends,

    Who counts at last the gold he spends.

    And so I toil 'sif in a spell

    Though I have heard the evening bell,

    Each shovel one foot nearer hell —

    I'm ponderin', I'm ponderin'.

    And so tonight, when earth is cold,

    I know the chill, and I am old.

    I know that soon my labor's done,

    My tine is past, my glass is run.

    The thought that makes me heave in fright

    -- That makes the chill run deep tonight --

    Is that this final resting place

    I make could mark my dire disgrace.

    Aye, sixteen hooves forever pound

    And o'er my roof their chord resound;

    How could I know a sleep profound?

    I'm wonderin', I'm wonderin'.



    When I descend into the depths of thought

    To the vast shipwreck of my life’s esteems

    And to the yardarm once again am brought

    I am instead back in my bed it seems.

    There I subject my acts to scrutiny,

    Pronounce them treason to my own intent

    And wonder what has made me mutiny

    Against the better judgment I had meant.

    Then I survey the sea where all must sail

    And feel the tides that drag men to their doom;

    I think perhaps each one is born to fail

    The moment that he dives down from the womb.

    I ponder this, my voyage that gives pause,

    And know that I am sentenced by its laws.

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    Yelping jackels tense the desert sky,

    While sparkling above jewels in reply

    Blink eternal codes that within we know,

    From times we lived not long ago.

    Their silent words calm the nights

    And blankets all the noisy fights.

    Using math that made the universe,

    It conjoins us to live with beauty,

    Before we go kabluey.

    On any other day, in any another way

    This might have seemed strange to say

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