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Why do people say adolescent girl bullies are worse than boy bullies?

I'm 17 years old. I've never been bullied by girls, but if you ask me, I HATE BOYS. I dont ever want to date, ever. I've never had a boyfriend anyways. When I was in the 10th grade, a few boys tried to jump me in the hallway and took my bookbag. They humiliated me. When I was a junior in high school, I was made fun of by boys all the time. Fcuk boys!


Btw I am not lesbion and I don't want to be one. I've heard stories about mean girls bullying other girls, and it made me feel really bad.

I think boy bullies are 1000000000 times worse than girl bullies

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    I think both are about the same.

    Girl bullies are more mental and emotional. They call names, spread rumours, etc.

    Guys are more physical and tend go for 'funnier' things, like pranks and humiliation and cat calls.

    Both are equally hurtful.

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  • lobo
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    4 years ago

    Girl Bullies Boy

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    Here are the salient facts I took to heart from it:

    While the mean girl act peaks in middle schools, it begins in elementary school.

    Often little girls feel isolated and deal with the bullying on their own. Don’t assume it will pass. They need real techniques to deal with it.

    You need to involve the schools to help not just mom or dad. The school has resources like the teacher and counselor.

    Separating to a different class can help but in some cases you may have to pull from class.

    I guess we need to buy the book for more detail! In the mean time, in a related story. Time ran this back in April about how not to raise a bully – how to instill empathy.

    So what do you think:

    Are girl bullies worse than boys?

    Is is happening in elementary school? (We had a “mean girl” in preschool who judged the other girls on bows in their hair and they were out if she didn’t approve!)

    What do you think of their tips for dealing with girl bullies?

    What would you add to make it more complete?


    BE in mind guys usally have less emotions and are not threatened by society to look perfect...If a girl bully calls you fat your self esteem will drop if a guy calls another guy fat he honestly mostly wouldn't care.

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  • 6 years ago

    They're both equally bad but for very different reasons.

    Boys f*ck people up.

    Girls are ****** up.

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  • The reason they say that is because girls can being more manipulative than boys. Boys are more up front - they'll just being jerks to your face. Girls do it behind your back; at least that's why people saying that they're like that.

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  • Guys just physically bully you. Girls? Mental games, shut out, rude stares, gossip, uggh.

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      Stfu you piece of shiit! Guys bully mentally too

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    Because if you aren't a preppy, perfect, *****, most girls will hate you and pick on you for every little thing. I've dealt with it since 5th grade. It makes me want to freaking kill someone.

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      Stfu tot wh0re, guys are way worse!

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  • I've been through that.

    "Hey, Jordan! Why are you in the lunch line? I thought you ate **** for breakfast this morning!"

    And he would get all these people to laugh at me with him.

    He tortured me every day with stupid **** like that.

    He was sent to jail in highschool though. Karma is a *****.

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    Girls know what bothers other girls and thats why they can hurt so badly and have that reputation. We all know what to say to that girl who pissed us off to piss her off even more and as sad as it is girls looooove them some revenge. Guys usually dont get themselves twisted up in these situations.

    Source(s): -Bah Alpaca♥
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  • Éilis
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    10 years ago

    Because they are. Girls will carry on with emotional abuse for years if they can but boys tend to get into physical fights and move on.

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      False you dumb whore

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