what do you think about indonesia?

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    The country is a member of the G-20 and was a member of OPEC but now uses all of its oil to fuel its economy and quit the cartel several years ago. Indonesia has seen a rocky past decade or so as the country transitioned from the military dictatorship of Suharto to democracy while simultaneously dealing with the Asian Financial Crisis in 1998 which hit the nation especially hard. However, Indonesia managed to quickly turn things around after this event and become a large exporter and a tourist destination for many developed markets in the area including Singapore and Australia.

    Indonesia has a well-diversified economy considering its relatively low GDP per capita which is below $4,000. The country has extensive tourism operations centered around the island of Bali, a massive hydrocarbon industry and an increasingly important manufacturing base. This is largely due to the country’s relatively skilled workforce and quality education system which ranks in the top fifty for overall quality, math and science education, and extent of staff training according to the Global Competitive Index report

    Unlike many countries in the region, Indonesia has a robust consumer driven economy which is rare for a country of its economic development level. This is largely due to the country’s large middle class and its strong population trends; by 2012 the middle class will have increased by 50%, representing the addition of 27 million households to its ranks. Additionally, the country has slightly more than half (55%) of its population under the age of 30, and one-third under the age of 15 which could be good news as these citizens age and reach their top earning years in the near future.

    Despite these positives, the country remains a third world nation that suffers from high levels of corruption and a high level of political instability although this particular risk has moderated in recent years. Government bureaucracy has also taken its toll on the country and is a large deterrent to future growth in the country. In a recent competitiveness report, the country was ranked in the bottom third for both number of procedures required to start a business, time to start a business, and burden of customs procedures, suggesting that the country has a long way to go to make itself more appealing to manufacturing organizations and to make it easier for small businesses to flourish in the country.

    Additionally, as the world’s largest Muslim country, it has also seen a fair amount of terrorism over the past decade, with several attacks at the Western tourist hot spot of Bali. However, these attacks have been limited as of late and Bali now has extremely high levels of security to prevent any future incidents.

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    I love Indonesia, especially Bali I have been living here 5 years on and off, people are very friendly, nature is great and the lifestyle is fantastic. I am Swiss and have been living in many different countries but Bali is my favorite that's why I started the website with lots of travel information!

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    Positive: Beautiful country, rich of natural resources, nice humble smiley people, lots of places to see, lots of food variety.

    Negative: The government is so corrupt that caused the country falls apart. We have a saying that says "Laws are made to be broken". Don't expect Indonesians to be on-time too much, cause you'll be disappointed.

    @Nurul Alis Zulkarnain --> I'm an Indonesian live in USA. Indonesian used to call Japan "Jepun" about 50 years ago. Now we call it Jepang, it's just an evolution of words. Many Indonesians don't like Malaysians because when we visit Malaysia, you guys treat us badly. We are aware that there are a lot of illegal Indonesians working in Malaysia, and of course Malaysian don't like them. But there many Indonesian tourists being treated like sh*t by Malaysian civilian and officers (to the point of human rights violations), they assume we're all illegal immigrants. I didn't take it seriously at first, because we come from the same race mostly and we're not supposed to hate each other. But last year I stopped in Kuala Lumpur to see petronas. I traveled from the US to visit family in Indonesia. The first day, I spoke Indonesian language since I landed and I was being treated like sh*t, people were rude to me. The next day I spoke english and claimed that I was an American, and people were polite & helpful. After that visit, I said to myself....I am NOT coming back to Malaysia ever again!!

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    Indonesia is one of best countries in the entire universe!!

    It's awesome :D

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    F*ck yeah, Indonesia.

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    I think Indonesia is the only country don't like Malaysia.I don't know why and they always think that whatever Malaysia do is wrong and they do always right.They always call my country"Mal on"and they call other country like Japan"Je pang"but in Malaysia we call them "Jepun"its different.And always says he bad thing to my Prime Minister and my King.If you don't believe,I will take you to this website.

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    Personally, I have a favorable opinion. It's on my list of destinations to travel.

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    Great Country !!!

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    i think i wanna have a vacation there. I wanna see elephants O.O;

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