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fancy restruants downtown town toronto!?

its my friends 18th birthday, and we got a group of girls together and were taking a limo downtown, we wanna take her to a fancy restruant where we can dress up nice and fancy and such :)

she loves pasta so if you know any nice places downtown that are like restruants and like lounges let me know!

thanks everyone :)

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    How much are you willing to spend?

    Best Italian in Toronto has traditionally been Mistura; but might be "too" fancy. Via Allegro is a great Italian place, some would say the best. but that's in Etobicoke. You're looking at 100 per person...of course I am assuming at 18, no one is drinking. If you want something less expensive, Il Fornello would suffice, but it's not something "limo" worthy, but then, I don't think it's necessary to take a limo to a restaurant, but I understand why you would want to for an 18th bday.

    The best choice is probably Scaramouche Pasta Bar and Grill...one of the best restaurant in Toronto, amazing service...they have valet parking, so you can forgo the limo if you want.

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    The limo driver will know.

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