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Can I request to stay in the hospital longer?

I am due to give birth in December and my union has this benefit that pays you $450 ($150 per day for 3 days) if you stay in the hospital for 72 hours or more. So from the time you are admitted to the time you are released, it has to be 72 hours or more to receive this benefit. I know this is the least of my worries but I am just curious - How long do you usually stay in the hospital from the time you are admitted? Can you request to stay a little longer?

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    Not without a medical reason - your OB would have to be able to *justify* you staying longer and if there's no reason then you will be discharged within 48hrs

  • Here in Australia it's 72 hours max, unless complications. I stayed in hospital for 2 weeks. I was induced at 38 weeks, my son spent 2 weeks in NICU and the day after giving birth to him, I fell out of the hospital bed, had a seizure and fractured my arm. Usually here if you spend more than 35 days in hospital you have to sign a paper that states you will be noted as a nursing home patient and for every night after 35 days you have to pay.

    You could ask, but I doubt that they'd let you. You have to be either mental, depressed, or suffered complications during labour to stay longer. (i'm only being honest because this is what the doctor told a lady who requested to stay longer)

    having a baby is not about receiving money. It's about joy and a true blessing. Don't use your baby like you've won lotto.

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    No not usually. Some hospitals have a 24 hour policy some a 48.

    That is assuming you have an "uneventful" delivery. With a c-section it's I think 3 days.

    My sister in law just gave birth and was stuck on the l&d floor because there was NO room on the newborn floor. So I think that's the reason they don't let you stay longer, they can get pretty full and just need the room.

    Good luck and congrats Hun.

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    Tops, 24 hours, often, your hospital will release you within 6 hours of giving birth, particularly, if the birth was a second or subsequent birth for you and was uncomplicated. You will stay 3-5 days after a c-section. You can request that an unnecessary c-section be carried out, but there's also a good possibility that either it won't be covered by your insurance, or that your doctor can refuse you and refer you to another doctor that you can discuss it with.

    You can request to stay a little longer, but you probably won't be allowed, there's nothing wrong with you, there's no reason for a hospital stay and you're depriving someone else who needs the bed. Also, it can be considered fraudulent, that benefit is there to benefit people who are genuinely ill and need to stay in hospital. If you manage to stay in hospital for 3+ days after a vaginal birth and your union discovered that you requested extra time in hospital to be able to claim this benefit (and they might well, they're entitled to check in cases where fraud is suspected), you could find yourself having to pay back every penny, plus dismissal from the union, plus possible legal action against you. You'll just have to ask yourself is that $450 really worth that much hassle?

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    I was there 72 hours for a c-section. My baby was discharged the day before me because I had a major rash after taking Tylenol 3 for the pain, but they let her stay in the hospital an extra day to be with me.

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    You will stay about 48 hours for a vaginal birth and 72 for a c-section. You truly won't want to stay any longer than that, trust me.

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    it really depends on the insurance and the hospital. iknow with my first two children i was on medicaid and i stayed a full forty eight hours AFTER my kids were born. and with my son i had already been there for over 24 hours in labor. same with my daughter. with this pregnancy, my hospital stay would have been 24 hours after the baby was born (for a non problematic vaginal birth) had i gone to the military hospital. however, i chose to stick with a civilian hospital, and i'm not sure if its going to be a 24 or 48 hour stay.

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    With my 1st i was in the hospital for 2 days and my 2nd i was in the hospital for 24 hrs.. I hope I will not be in the long with this baby.

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    I don't know about vaginal birth but when I had a c section I was in there for 4 days, my other c section I was in there for 2 days.

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    i think it is 3 days.. it just depends on how long the labor takes and possible complications.. im not sure if you can request to stay longer because to be honest, after awhile i couldnt wait to go home

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