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So my bearded dragons just had a fight..?

Heres the little mom realized that the boy was holding onto the girls tail shaking its body as if trying to bite the tail off (her tail is ok not bleeding or anything) but we broke up the fight and he started going crazy digging at the bottom of the tank in an angry motion and he turnt all yellowish and light greenish but he calmed down and hes still huffing and puffing a little but they are both doing ok now they are litterly sitting in the tank with their backs to each other and on top of that we think the girl is could someone please help me out on what went on please? thanks =)

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    Ok I know nothing about bearded dragons but i searched up sumthin for you. Make sure you check the source!!!

    When it's just one female per male, the male can often bully and harass the female to mate. That's if you're sure they are female and male, and not to females.

    It'd be in the best interest of the lizards to separate them and keep them separate, otherwise the female will likely become extremely stressed, unhealthy, possibly even die.

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    Beardies do best when housed alone. I would seperate them

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