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what kind of water can i use for tropical fish?


by what kind i mean like tap water or distiled water or something

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    Distilled water is "pure" in a sense, so that means it's free of chemicals, yes, but it's also free of necessary minerals that fish and plants need to be healthy.

    If you use 100% distilled water your fish will most likely die. Now, it would be okay to mix about 80% tap water with 20% distilled, but you're going to need to use a water conditioner as well to remove chlorine and ammonia. You will also want to get the proper pH balance and tropical fish will like the water between 74-84 degrees.

    Personally, I prefer using 100% tap water, treated with water conditioner, let it sit for 24 hours, then before adding to tank, mix in about a tablespoon of aquarium salt per every 5-10 gallons.

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    fresh water! and 82 is a little high for some tropical fish. real plants look awesome but are hard to maintain and they get the tank real dirty real fast. go with plastic after those die. make sure that you add the dechlorinator at least 24 hours before adding the fish. Also, releasing the fish into the tank takes a while so do it right and keep the light off for 4 hours after you put them in the new tank so they won't be so stressed. Fish are fun, awesome, and really cool but you gotta know what you are doing. Ask the person that you are buying the fish from and they will tell you everything you need (unless they don't know)

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    Tap water would be preferred over distilled water as it has many trace elements and minerals that fish need. It also typically buffers the water better than distilled, which will help prevent a pH crash, which can easily kill your fish. You will need to make sure you either don't have chlorine or chloramine in your water (ie, well water, or chlorinated water that's been given a couple of days to de-gas the chlorine), or you'll need to use a product to neutralize them.

    If you use distilled, or RO water, you'll need to add some of these trace elements back in. This is the preferred method for salt water tanks as you always start from the same point and can therefore have a very stable water situation. This type of water will not require a dechlorinator

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    My tank's water is at 78 degrees so I think that would be ideal because I can keep any tropical fish with ease. The only trouble are some of those puffers. But most of them become marine fish after they mature. Anyways, the best way to go is tap water and then add some conditioner to remove all the ammonia, Chlorine and chloramine. After all that is removed and left around in the sun for about 24 hours at most. It will be definitely safe to add to any established aquarium without a problem.

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    what kind of water can i use for tropical fish?

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    i would say distilled water. by tropical im guessing you mean salt water.

    My brother's had a salt water fish tank for years im guessing you know what your doing with the PH levels and everything but distilled water is definitely the best.

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    usually salt

    when you buy a fish you can ask someone if it is salt or fresh water.

    Salt water fish tanks are a lot of work and the fish can die easily (they are also more expensive than freshwater)

    You should research maintaing a salt water tank before you buy.

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    I would just use reqular tap water. You would have to use conditioner if you are on the city grid, to take the chlorine out of the water.

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    you can go ahead and use tap water but add dechlorinator to it first. look for one that has aloe or somethnig for fish slime coat

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