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Teenage Sex Laws In Canada for Dating a Minor and Getting Married?

I know someone who has a boyfriend who is 17 and she is 14. They know they can be together but cant have sex until she is no longer a minor. would these laws change if they got married?

can they get married legally?

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    The age of consent in Canada is 16. The boy can have sex but the girl cannot. She cannot get married at 14 but even if she did, she still can't have sex until she turns 16. Take care.

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    Actually they can legally have sex in Canada, 14/15 year olds can legally have sex with a person who is no more then 5 years older then they are (for example a 14 year old can screw a 15 year old, but a 20 year old can screw a 14 year old). Legally yes they can get married BUT they will need the consent of their parents before a wedding can legally take place.

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