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Does this sound like a good trade for me?

I can start 1 qb 1 te 3 wr 2 rbs. no ppr

my team consists of


wayne, nicks, s. moss, jennings, kevin walter.

cj2k, foster, portis, brandon jackson

v.davis, d keller.

The trade is donovan jennings and wayne

for welker and brees.

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    Do that trade. Then, cut one WR (Nicks?) for a QB, maybe Fitzpatrick. You don't have a substitution possibility if Brees misses a game or wins his division quick.

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    You don't have a QB if you trade McNabb that's problem number 1. On the bright side though you will be getting Brees instead of McNabb (huge improvement.) Wayne and Welker are evenly matched since Champ Bailey played Wayne extremely tight. Welker isnt worth 2 WR's though i would make a counter offer excluding Wayne.

    Source(s): Having 8 fantasy football teams.
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    This is a tough call. To me, your usually starting lineup for WRs should be Wayne, Jennings and Moss. Your new lineup would be Welker, Moss and Nicks. I think you are going to lose 4 to 6 points a week. With Brees instead instead of McNabb, You will probably gain 7 to 9 points on average. When looking at these numbers, it would seem that it is a good trade for you overall. Remember though, it is going to deplete some of your depth. If you have one WR get injured, your screwed on bye weeks. It is up to you whether you want to gain a few point a week by shrinking your depth.

    Good Luck!

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    No, Brees has done nothing so far this year.

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    sounds pretty decent to me

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