The views for my video isn't counting on YouTube?

The views for my YouTube video aren't counting!

I know it sometimes takes a while to count, but I'm not talking about on the page where the video can be viewed. I'm talking about the section for My Videos where you can check and edit them. Usually the count gets updated everytime the video is watched, but it's not counting. Help?

Here's the video if you want to check it out.

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This video is uploaded for a contest and it is based on the number of views. And MASTERPIECE THEATRE is the name of the new CD by Marianas Trench, so no, I will not be deleting that. Everyone who will watch the video will probably know, as the title says "Marianas Trench Day Play." It's not my CD.

The views are frozen at 307.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    What do you mean, it's not counting? Are you just trying to get people to watch your video? It has 307 views on it! That IS counting! It's not like it's on 0. If for some reason, it IS stuck, then since you don't have very any comments, I would suggest that you delete it and then reload it, and when you do, it might be a good idea to remove the false start on your video. You start to introduce it and then you start and then introduce it again. You can delete that easily in Windows Movie Maker. In addition, if I were you, I would check on the name you gave your CD. I believe that "Masterpiece Theater" is a Registered Trademark of PBS Broadcasting Company, and I do believe that they could sue you for using their name, and you don't want that. I remember back in 1967 or so, when the band Chicago first came out, they called themselves "Chicago Transit Authority" but that was the name of the bus company in Chicago and they didn't like that the rock band was using their name so they sued. I know this probably won't win as best answer, but I wanted to tell you so you could avoid a possible lawsuit.

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