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BIG flea problem...Help me please?

Now im moving out of my house (my first apartment) and i have a cat that has a lot of fleas cause of my moms dog and my new apartment has brand new carpet and everything brand new in it. so that being said i really need a lot of information on helping to get rid of fleas.

im planning on getting Frontline PLUS* but does anyone know the chances of after effects?

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    Fleas may get in your rug and lay eggs. Also the fleas may have laid eggs on your cat. Not sure if the fronline will kill the eggs. They have about a 60 day live cycle if my memory serves correct. So keep your eyes open. The best defense against fleas is non-chemical. Get a flea comb and go over your cat every day. She will probably love it, so it will not be a chore. If you find a flea, make sure you crush it. They are wily b*****rds, and if they get away they will find their way back to your cat. Also, don't try to wash them down the drain because they will climb back out.

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    Get them advantage it works very well with no side effects. Give them the proper amount per pound. It usually kills all the fleas in 24 hours. Pick up your mom some as well for her dog so nobody has to be miserable. You can order 1800petmeds it is cheaper but your vet will have it. Do not get flea stuff at the grocery store it can kill them.

    Owner of alot of animals it works for all of them.

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    Bayer makes excellent flea products.

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