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How much would a vet cost for my almost two year old cat?

Shes never been to the vet so basically shes never had her shots and she has fleas like bad fleas so i was basically wondering how much getting her first shots and getting deflead would cost at the vet

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    Getting shots is a periodic process and most cats get theirs when they're 6 weeks old and then a follow up later. It would drum up to a few hundred for the entire process including the examination.

    Flea treatments don't always need to be done at the vet's but they might recommend you buy a certain kind of medication for her.

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    Cheapest way to go about this: You can buy your cat's vaccinations at any pet supply store or online pet supply catalog. I have always given my cat's their shots. Super simple, just a little prick in the excess skin on their neck. If your cat is an outdoor cat you will need to get the rabies vac from a vet. FLEAS: Purchase any one of the topical or oral flea medications such as Frontline or Advantage. This will keep the fleas that are in the environment from returning. You can also get flea dip from a pet supply store or online but again, this will only kill the fleas on your cat right now. Easiest way to apply it is to mix it properly and soak a washcloth and wipe your cat with it. Some cats tolerate bathing, some don't. You can try bathing first in the dip. OR take your cat to a pet groomer that takes cats. Again, price varies but it will be cheaper than a vet. Sounds like the flea problem is bad and a cat can become anemic from fleas. Not to mention the poor little thing is suffering. I can't imagine having fleas crawling all over me! If your cat is that infested, your house is too and just killing the fleas on your cat won't do much because they will soon be back on him/her. For every flea you find on your cat there are at least 10 in the cats environment.

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    Ok, rabies and all other shots. frontline and dipping for fleas= in excess of $200.00

    Go to Thomas labs and buy the front line. Southern States or some other farm supply for the shots( you will have to give them yourself.

    Dip the cat to get rid of adult fleas( also bought at farm supply) Then apply the front line each month.

    Get on your home scales wiegh yourself then add cat. you have to know how much it wieghs to get the right dosage. Then go to petsmart and get rabies ( about $20.00 I think) Before you go to the vet check for ear mites. A good rubbing of vasiline will cure that. Then at the same store get Nemex for cats. this is a wormer. Your cat WILL have worms. And you should be set for about $50.00

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    She will need a rabies shot, and to be spayed the flea medication is advantage probally around 10 dollars. Call around to several vets and just ask how much too spay and update shots would be. Even ask animal control they actually have low cost spay and neuter.

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    do your research and look for a good but not too high in price vet google works in that matter

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    a lot! it depends on the place, but they try to squeeze every penny out of you.

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