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For this poem !


Mothers and fathers, children, babies too

Gone in a blink into the empty sky

Their simple crime was being born a Jew.

Hard to believe whole countries never knew.

Too terrified, perhaps, to even try

Imagine what a Fascist world might do.

Wives, youngsters, husbands, all with a tattoo

Unless it was decreed that they should die -

Shuffling towards the showers in a queue.

All their tomorrows up some Nazi flue.

And still men jib at facts, and would deny

That millions walked into the shower’s adieu.

Those cattle trucks from Europe thundered through

Whole towns where no-one heard each ghetto’s cry

The moral compass shattered, all askew.

Go visit Auschwitz. Learn that this is true,

Feel the despair of those who here passed by

Vast evil out of racial hatred grew,

Live for today, but give the dead their due.

Sheena Blackhall

thank you very much !

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    The Jews are known to lie, cheat and steal, which is what they're doing to our country now through financial bank frauds, like Goldman Sachs, AGI and Bear Stearns, etc.

    To get away with things like this and also commit endless crimes against humanity, such as oppressing Palestine, they constantly propagandize their lies of the holocaust in the media, such as the constant flow of holocaust and WWII movies.

    This poem is just more of the same of their psychotic propaganda of the holocaust.

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