what are examples of personification in Sinners in the hands of an angry god?

im doing a poster for lit class and cant find any personifications

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    A personification is the granting of human characteristic to non-human objects or characters. NO RHONDA, it's not about personal traits; it's a method in figurative language.


    The tree had his long branches and filthy hands extend forth and about a small brick wall, grabbing the outside of the carriage as the passers went by. One of us spoke... no, rather, he whispered to all: "He hath been there for long -- too long." None amongst the group had caught the intent of his message; a strange one, but one we should have paid attention to.

    See how I personified the tree? The tree is said to have hands and is referred to at the third person...

    It's very popular in a French genre called "Fantastique" where an atmosphere of mystery is created by removing most of the affirmation and the insertion of doubts and hesitations. In the case of that short example, the narrator literally tells a story he has lived and he hesitates on what the characters did. Also, only the formally obvious is stated; nothing uncommon is explicitly exposed. The popularity of personification in French literature of the late 19th century is due to its main effect: it ascribes some weirdness allegorically and is one of the main way to avoid writing clearly the idea we have in mind.

    Now that the literature lessons is done, I am certain that you can find some examples very easily; aren't there moments in which the character was near to find something or where something was just about to happen? You'll note that the language will shift from certainty to some kind of doubtfulness when it happens; there will be many more comparisons, and as tension grows, they risks to be used more directly in the form of metaphors. Pleonasm(the use of unnecessary words) might become more rare and each sentence will often look at picking reactions from the characters; it's meant to avoid saying "it's tensed here." And, the most important, it will gradually increase; the use of graduation might be peculiarly abundant among writers when it comes to a thrilling moment before the discovery of some new element.

    So, look up with all this in mind.

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    Personification means we have personal trait such as anger, pride, doute or disbelief in something. In this case Jonathan Edwards preached this sermon in 1741 in a grave yard because the people of the church wouldn't let him in...because they were personification of disbelive in The Power of God. Just because we dont believe what God says is Truth don't make us right. In this case, they had turn to wicked ways and refused to listen to words of Gods Truth from Edwards and he informed them that because they had turned their back on Gods Truth to live a Holy life, they shut him out of the church...but, he went across the way and climbed up upon a high grave stone and preached a great word of God warning them they were in the Hands of an angry God (God gets angry too when he is mocked and disobeyed) and because of this sermon in the grave yard, hundreds of people turned their lives over to God and turned from their wicked ways and that one sermon in 1741 caused an event in history called "The Great Reformation"...which means a deeper and just understanding of God and His only Truth...that He loves us and sent His Son to die for you and me so we would not die in His angry Hands but in His wonderful love for us (He is a Mercyful and loving Creator, we are the created).....I''ve got the book. Love, mom

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